Trail Running Shoes

Find the perfect fit this season with Salomon’s wide range of trail running shoes. Made to handle every type of terrain from rocks and roots to slippery snow, our running shoes grip to the trails so you can focus on the route ahead. Comfortable and designed to take on any weather conditions, you’ll find the perfect trail shoes for your next run right here.

Trail Running Shoes

Shoes to take on all distances, all weather conditions, and all types of terrain

Trail Running Waterproof Shoes

Dynamic shoes to handle tough and wet trail conditions

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Technology for tackling tough trails. Built to handle whatever the trails can throw at you, our wide range of trail running shoes are capable, comfortable, and ready to run. Over ultra-long distances, short and technical runs, or during training or races, our trail running shoes bring exceptional comfort, performance, and outstanding grip on all types of terrain. Whether it’s wet and muddy or dry and dusty, our trail running shoes are built to repel water, stones, and other debris for a more comfortable run in trying conditions. Our shoes provide stability over changing terrain so you can experience better control and confidence when you’re out exploring new trails or going for a new personal best on your favorite trails. If you’re not sure which shoes are right for you, check out our guide on How to Choose Your Running Shoes and find the right fit for you.