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S/RACE GS 24 183
S/RACE GS 24 183
S/RACE GS 24 183

S/RACE GS 24 183

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When victory is the final test of performance.
  • Instantaneous and efficient edge engagement
  • Precision
  • Stability
Ref: LC6450$
S/RACE GS 24 183 is a pure race machine, built to deliver maximum power to the edge, instantly. It uses a Full Race Woodcore and sandwich sidewall construction, with Salomon's exclusive Edge Amplifier technology. Edge Amplifier integrates the binding interface into the ski construction, providing more power and precision more efficiently than traditional 'flat' constructions.
Skier level
Size 183
Tail 89
Tip 105
Waist 67
Radius 24
Binding option / System
  • X bindings
  • Race Plate P80
Construction & Core
  • Full Sandwich Sidewalls
  • Full Camber
  • Factory waxing
  • Race Base (IS NCB R2829)
  • Designed standard Race split base
  • Glossy
Adult Norm
  • Out of rule (MASTER & SX)
  • Tail Protector
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Construction & Core / Edge Amplifier

The complete SYSTEM rethought, fully integrated to deliver power to the edge & maximize your sensations

Construction & Core / Full Wood S core

Developed in the Salomon race lab, 3mm alternating laminates of poplar and ash hardwoods run the entire length of the ski giving maximum precision, stability and edge grip. This is the engine out of our Race skis.

Reinforcement / Double Ti Laminate

Double layer of Titanium, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. Increased precision, edge grip, and improved responsiveness.

Edges / Race Edge Finishing

Base / Race base finishing

Very high molecular density base with graphite for maximum glide, excellent wax absorption and abrasion resistance. Plus new race finishing (F3 structure).

Base / Side Base Race


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