Men's Sandals & Water Shoes

Salomon’s selection of men’s sandals and water shoes make ‘taking it easy’ extra breezy. Ideal for relaxing recovery days or for when you’re practicing your favorite water sports, our men’s sandals come equipped with excellent water-wicking properties for comfort in and out of the water.


Shoes for relaxing, recovery, and fun in the sun


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      Men - Men's Recovery Shoes
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            Men - Men's Hiking Shoes
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            Built to perform in wet conditions these innovative shoes grip and dry quick

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            Make every day feel like a rest day. Lightweight, seamless, and breathable, our range of men’s sandals and water shoes wrap your feet in comfort while maintaining practicality so you can hike, swim, and relax with confidence. Our men’s water shoes are ultra-versatile, quick-drying, and grippy on slippery surfaces. Experience excellent water-wicking properties, seamless comfort that won’t rub you the wrong way, and breathability that feels great. Our men’s sandals provide an airy escape for your feet after big hikes, long runs, and hard training. When the sun is out and it’s time to relax, remember to bring your sunglasses. For the ultimate shoes to boost your recovery days and complement your water sports, grab these sandals and water shoes from Salomon.