How to replace your classic cross-country ski skins

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How to replace your classic cross-country ski skins


Classic cross–country skis that are called skin skis are really easy to use compared to waxable skis. The grip zone on these skis can be changed by applying skins. This is how to do it…

Why change your cross-country ski skins?

There are two reasons why you should change your skins:

  • Your old skins don’t have enough grip anymore
  • You want to adapt to snow conditions and to your technical ability. You can encourage gliding or grip by changing skin type.

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How to change your cross-country ski skins?

Seal skins were used on the first generation of cross-country skis and they were glued to the ski. You couldn’t change the skins yourself, but you could take them to a specialist Nordic ski shop to get them changed.

More recent classic cross-country skin skis allow you to change the skins easily, similar to backcountry skiing. To do this, simply remove the skin from the ski base starting at the tip and finishing at the tail. Stick them with the sticky sides together to store them. Lie the new skins down on the ski base taking into account the direction of the fibers on your skins. Apply pressure with your thumbs, this time starting at the tail and moving up to the tip, to stick the new skins on. There you have it!

Generally, you should change your skins once a year. You can clean your skins by applying a special product and brushing against the fibers, with a cloth. To improve the performance of your skins, you can apply a water repellent product, however this time apply it in the same direction as the fibers. 

Classic cross-country skin skis are all-round skis that are simple to use. If you mount adjustable bindings then your equipment can be easily adapted to suit all snow conditions, and you won’t need to take a suitcase full of wax with you!

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