Phantasm 24 Running Challenge

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On November 27, Salomon athlete Kilian Jornet took on another monumental athletic project, attempting to run for 24 consecutive hours on a track in Norway. To run circles around a track was a step into the unknown for Jornet, who is used to spending his time in the high mountains or winning the world’s biggest trail races. Unfortunately, after running 134.8 kilometers in 10 hours and 20 minutes, the onset of sharp chest pains and dizziness forced Jornet to withdraw from the project he has been targeting for nearly a year.

With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, Jornet and fellow Salomon athlete Sebastian Conrad Håkansson put down a blistering early pace wearing the new Salomon S/LAB Phantasm road running shoes and quickly left the four other Norwegian competitors behind.

Just after the 10-hour mark, is when things went sideways. Halfway through his 338th lap, Jornet went to the ground and was quickly attended to by race officials and medical personnel.

“I was feeling pretty good, with the normal ups-and-downs of a long race like this,” Jornet said. “My body felt good, my legs felt good, and then, suddenly, I felt two intense pains in my chest and started to get very dizzy and very exhausted. The medical people came to me and checked me out, and said it was best to go to the hospital.”

Read more about the day here, including the incredible performance of several athletes who finished all 24 hours, and read more of Kilian’s comments from after the run.

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