Salomon OUTPRO MATRYX for The Broken Arm

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Salomon OUTPRO MATRYX® for The Broken Arm

On the occasion of its eighth collaboration with Salomon, The Broken Arm boutique has given Belgian artist Simon Laureyns a carte blanche to create an in-situ installation featuring the Outpro Matryx® at their Parisian address.

Interested in the natural appropriation of outdoor and trail products into the workwear space of artisans and artists, the boutique looked to the use of such footwear in everyday work, considering resistance, comfort but also the sociological and cultural aspect leant by these products.

To this aim, the shoe has been developed in the patented Matryx® material, which gives it greater robustness thanks to denser weaving on the support zones.

While doing research for their FW20 instalment, The Broken Arm discovered Matryx®, a highly resistant, highly innovative material making its debut at Salomon. This robust shoe is the culmination of these explorations.

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