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Cross-country skiing: How to choose your bindings

Is it time to choose your cross-country ski bindings? Do you have questions about the different types, styles and models? Here is our advice on choosing your bindings.

Skate or classic cross-country ski bindings?

As we explain in this article, classic cross-country skiing and skate skiing each have their own specific equipment. This is also true for bindings.

So you need to choose your bindings for a particular discipline: classic or skate skiing.

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Bindings for classic technique cross-country skiing
Bindings for skating technique cross-country skiing

Cross country ski bindings product range

The price of cross-country ski bindings varies between 35$ (30€) at the lower end to 80$ (70€) for competition models.

Top of the range models are lighter and they are made from more technical materials.

How you step in and out will also differ, depending on the model. For example, there are "automatic" bindings that you can step into with just one click.

Bindings that are meant for performance are narrower so less stable than a pair of leisure bindings. They are therefore designed for skiers who have good technique and balance on their skis.

zoom extension classic cross-country skiing bindings

Cross-country ski binding systems

There are 4 different binding systems:

  • Prolink
  • NNN®
  • Turnamic®
  • SNS

Prolink, NNN® and Turnamic® bindings and boots are all interchangeable. SNS bindings have their own unique system and are only compatible with SNS boots.
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There are now bindings where the position on the skis can be adjusted. You can slide them forward to improve gliding, or backwards to increase the grip of your skis on the snow.

If you are buying cross-country equipment for the first time we suggest you use Prolink bindings as these are the most interchangeable. They offer you the widest choice of boots and allow you to benefit from the latest developments in ski bindings.
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