How to Use the Salomon Quicklace System

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The Salomon Quicklace System and lace pocket has been a patented design for more than 10 years. Using it is easy, as Trail Running Product Line Manager Edouard Coyon explains.

How to Use the Salomon Quicklace System


1.  Use the laces to tighten each “arm” around your foot uniformly, keeping the lace pocket unobstructed so you can access it

2.  Pull the lace tightly by sliding the “buckle” down to your foot until it is as tight as you want

3.  Tuck the excess lace and the buckle up inside the pocket on the tongue of the shoe

4.  Go run somewhere fun


To Untie

1.  Take the excess Quicklace and the buckle out from the pocket

2.  Hold the end of the lace so it is taught and away from the shoe

3.  Squeeze the “S” button on the buckle and slide the buckle away from the shoe to loosen the laces

4.  Remove your shoe and grab a drink