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How to step into cross-country ski bindings

Do you find it hard to step into the bindings of your cross-country skis? With a bit of practice, it's really simple and will work every time no matter what equipment you use. Here is our advice.

1. Clean your cross-country boots

The first thing to do is to clean the outsole of your ski boots. Snow, ice or mud can build up and prevent you from stepping into the bindings properly.

To do this you can gently tap one boot against the other or scrape the outsole with the tip of your ski pole.
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Clean the outsole of your cross country boots
Put your skis flat on the snow

2. Prepare your skis

We are sure that you have waxed your skis so that they glide! Put them flat on the snow so they don't slide off without you. You can make a small platform of snow if necessary.
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Different techniques to step into cross-country skis

3. Stepping in to your cross-country skis

There are different techniques for different bindings.

Most Nordic bindings have a lever. Put your skis down on the ground, open the bindings by pulling the lever. Put the toe of your ski boot in the notch of the binding. The metal bar on your boots should easily hook into the binding. If this is not the case, clean your outsole and your binding. Once you are in the binding, you need to lock it by pushing the lever down. Then you can get your poles, and head for the tracks!

For SNS standard pilot boots and bindings, once the toe of your boot is engaged, you'll need to clip-in the second bar of the pilot system, which is found underneath the ball of your foot.
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If you've got automatic bindings, stepping into your cross-country skis couldn't be easier. Put your skis on the ground, clean the outsole of your boots and engage the toe of your boot over the notch at the front of your binding. Push down and it's in place!

Finally, to open certain bindings, you need to press on the front part with a ski pole. The binding opens when you let go.

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How to step out of cross-country ski bindings?

Has your skate or classic ski session finished? To step out of your bindings, all you have to do is pull the lever or press down on the front part of the binding with your pole (depending on the binding system). You should then be able to easily take your boot out.