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Shop women’s backpack accessories from Salomon including our Custom Quiver pole carrier, Sense Ultra Foldable collapsible carbon pole, and Sense trekking pole.

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    It’s the little things that can often make the biggest difference. Take our Custom Quiver pole carrier as an example. On long hikes or trail runs, especially on steep terrain, poles can provide added power, save energy, and help you avoid obstacles. But what do you do with your poles when you’re not using them, for instance, on flat sections where they are not needed? If you don’t have a secure place to put them then any efficiencies you’ve gained from having them will be diminished. Our Custom Quiver attaches to your hiking backpack or trail running pack and provides a place to store your poles that’s easy to access and secure. And while the Custom Quiver will work with full-length poles like our ultralight SENSE trekking pole, a collapsible pole like our SENSE Ultra Foldable carbon pole will pack down smaller making them much more efficient to carry.