Men's Outdoor Sports Pants

Gear up right for every adventure with our wide range of technical and comfortable Salomon pants. Whether you’re all about running, skiing, mountaineering, hiking or trail running, our pants have been designed with the technology you need to get the best experience possible.
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Gear up for adventure! Because outdoor sports put you in situations that are as beautiful as they are difficult, Salomon has created a wide selection of pants for all outdoor activities. From mountain trails to forest singletrack and country roads, you must be perfectly equipped to enjoy the best experience possible. Like our entire clothing collection, our pants have been designed with a combination of the best Salomon innovations. Insulation, protection against the elements, lightness, freedom of movement... our pants offer you all the comfort you need to practice your activity. View our pants collection according to your activity: running, trail running, skiing, mountaineering or hiking. All activities require outstanding equipment. Salomon has designed it for you. And if you haven't already done so, see our sports jackets to complete your equipment. The adventure begins here!