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EU Declaration of Conformity


Model name Article reference Certificate
Ghost, Briaks, Kiana L40706400, L41018600, L40706600, L41020300, L40703900 Certificate
Pioneer Access, Icon Access, Cruiser 4D², Pearl 4D², CruiserD, Pearl 4D, Wing, Idol L41018400, L41018500, L40608000, L40704700 Certificate
Hacker L39042400 Certificate
Quest, Quest Access L39035800, L40838400, L40838500, L39918900, L40535500, L40838600, L40538000, L40838800, L40538600, L40838700 Certificate
QST Charges, QST Charge MIPS L40535100, L39918400, L40534800, L40838000, L40838100, L40538300, L40538100, L40538200, L40838300 Certificate
MTN Lab, MTN Patrol L39919800, L40837700, L40867900, L40868000, L37886000, L37886100 Certificate
Pioneer, Icon² L40535400, L40834200, L39124500, L40535300, L40838900, L40839000, L40894400, L40894500, L41021500, L40536500, L40894800, L40837300, L40538400, L40837100, L40837200, L40837600, L40908000, L39124900, L40536200, L40839200, L40839300, L40894600, L40894700, L40948900, L41022200, L40538700, L40837400, L40837500, L40949000, L41021400 Certificate
Driver, Mirage L39919300, L40593700, L40593200, L40534500, L40593300, L40835500, L40537400, L40949200, L40835200, L39919700, L40835300, L40593400, L41064100, L40537600, L40949100, L40533900 Certificate
Cruiser², Pearl² L41018300, L39913700, L39913900, L40569800, L39914400, L40569900, L40600800, L41019700 Certificate
S Race L40539900 Certificate
BRIGADE², BRIGADE RENTAL, BRIGADE +, PACT, SPELL², SPELL+ L40571800, L40571900, L40572100, L40837800, L40837900, L40570000, L40570500, L40570600, L40570700, L40536000, L40836400, L40536800, L40536900, L40836000, L40836200, L40836300, L41044900, L41045000, L41045100, L40538900, L40539000, L40840000, L40537100, L40537200, L40537300, L40835900, L40539200, L40539400, L40839800, L408399, L40540000 Certificate
Sight, Sight W L40834500, L40534200, L40534400, L40839400, L40839500, L40834400, L40537900, L40839700 Certificate
FIS injecté L40834600, L40834700, L40834800, L40834900, L40835000 Certificate
Pioneer Visor, Icon² Visor L40835600, L40835700, L40835800, L40835400 Certificate
Grom L39161800, L39914900, L40539800, L40836500, L40836600, L40836700, L40836800, L41031200, L41031400 Certificate
Grom Visor L39916200, L39916300, L40539600, L40836900, L40837000 Certificate
Patrol L37706200, L38131400 Certificate
Patrol L40869700, L40867800 Certificate
IDOL Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
WING Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
HACKER Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
QUEST Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
MTN LAB - MTN PATROL Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
QST CHARGE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
QST CHARGE MIPS Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER - ICON² Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER MIPS - ICON² MIPS Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
DRIVER - MIRAGE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/RACE FIS Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
BRIGADE² AF Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
BRIGADE² - SPELL² Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PACT Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/RACE SL Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
SIGHT Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
SIGHT MIPS Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/RACE FIS INJECTED Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/RACE FIS INJECTED JR Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER VISOR - ICON² VISOR Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER LT - ICON LT Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER LT ACCESS - ICON LT ACCESS Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
PIONEER LT VISOR - ICON LT VISOR Winter 2020/2021 Certificate
PATROL Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
GROM Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
GROM VISOR Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
no results


Model name Article reference Certificate
Aksium L40722700, L40731300, L40516200, L40516300, L40515800, L40516100, L40845200, L40844900, L40845000, L40845100, L40845400, L40845900, L40846000, L40845500, L40944000, L40845600, L40846100, L40845700, L41018700 Certificate
Cosmic L40842700, L40842800, L40843000, L40516500, L40522600, L40843100, L40516400 Certificate
Force L40948800, L40972000, L40701700, L40701800, L40948700 Certificate
Four Seven L40843200, L40516900, L40843300, L40843400, L40843500, L40843600, L40843800, L40843700, L40517000, L39900900, L40844000, L40843900, L40516800, L40516600, L40516700 Certificate
Ivy L40846300, L40846400, L40846500, L40846600, L40846700, L40517400, L39905800, L40846800, L40846900, L40847000, L40517500, L39905900 Certificate
Juke L40517900, L40517600, L40847900, L40847800, L40848000L40517800, L39137500, L40848100, L40848200 Certificate
Kiwi L40897300, L40848400, L39911000, L40848300, L39911100 Certificate
Sense L40518300, L40518400, L40521500, L40521600, L40847100, L39906200, L40847200, L40521800, L40521700, L40518500, L40847300, L40847400, L41019600 Certificate
S/MAX L40836100, L40838200, L40839100, L40839600, L40840100, L40840200, L40520400, L40520500, L40840300, L40840400, L40520100, L40520200, L40520300 Certificate
TRIGGER L40847500, L40847600, L40518000, L40518100, L39907000, L40847700 Certificate
XT-ONE L40840600, L40840500, L40840700, L40944100, L40841500, L40841300, L40840800, L40519600, L40519700, L40519900, L40519800, L39908700, L40842500, L40842600 Certificate
X-VIEW L39903400, L40844100, L40844200, L40519000, L40844300, L40844400, L40519100, L40844500, L40844600, L41030600, L41030700, L40518600, L40518700, L40844700, L40844800, L41019000 Certificate
LOFI Black and white Extra lens L40852800 Certificate
LO FI BLACK TIE & DYE+1XTRA L L40852700 Certificate
LO FI CAFE RACER +1XTRA LENS L40853000 Certificate
LO FI GREEN GABLE +1XTRA LENS L40852900 Certificate
LO FI HUCK KNIFE+1XTRAL L40881600 Certificate
LO FI LTD+1XTRA LENS L40861000 Certificate
LO FI SIGMA BK & WHITE+1XTRA L L40852600 Certificate
LO FI SIGMA CAFE RACER+1XTRA L L40852500 Certificate
LO FI SIGMA GREEN GABL+1XTRA L L40852400 Certificate
LO FI SIGMA HUCK KNIFE+1XTRA L L40881500 Certificate
AKSIUM Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
COSMIC Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
FORCE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
JUKE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
KIWI Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
LOFI Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
SENSE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
TRIGGER Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
XT-ONE Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
FOUR SEVEN Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
iVY Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/MAX Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
S/VIEW Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
X/VIEW Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
no results


Model name Article reference Certificate
QUEST 4D FORCES 2 406825 Certificate
QUEST 4D GTX0 FORCES 2 407231, 407232, 407233 Certificate
no results

Back protector

Model name Article reference Certificate
FLEXCELL - FLEXCELL JR Winter 2020-2021 Certificate
no results