Men's Performance & sports socks

No matter your sport of choice, your performance can benefit from technical, comfortable and breathable Salomon sports socks. Boost your performance from the ground-up through summer and winter with our wide range of thin and light models as well as long and insulating Salomon socks.
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Protected feet The importance of good socks is often underestimated. However, a quality pair will help to optimize your performance and comfort on the slopes as well as on the trails. On the other hand, bad socks can make your life a nightmare with your feet freezing and soaking wet. As a technical accessory like the rest of your equipment, we have designed socks for all your sporting activities. Thermal regulation for skiing or lightness for running: every activity has its own characteristics. Reinforced in sensitive areas, they stabilize your feet and avoid any form of irritation and friction. The different materials used, such as nylon, cotton or CoolMax® fibers, provide optimal insulation against the cold. And of course, our models are available in many colors.