Kids's Snowboard Bindings

Kids’ snowboard bindings from Salomon are made to be as kid friendly as possible. Designed to grow with young riders and their rapid progression, these are the best kids’ snowboard bindings available to maximize your child’s enjoyment of the sport.

    Junior - Kid's Snowboard Bindings
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      Junior - Kid's Snowboard Bindings
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      Ratings (1 Reviews) 5/5

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      From the very first time they step on a board and experience the thrill of sliding sideways down a snowy hill to the days when they couldn’t possibly be any more excited about learning a new trick, a young rider’s progression in a sport she loves is an amazing experience to be part of. So, it makes sense to give them every advantage when it comes to their snowboard equipment. Our new kids’ snowboard bindings are designed to be kid-friendly in every way and are the perfect interface between our kids’ snowboard boots and kids’ snowboards.