Men's Hiking Shoes

When the time comes to hit the trails, you’ll find the perfect boots for the job in Salomon’s range of men’s hiking shoes. Choose the right shoes for your style – lightweight and fast, waterproof and sturdy, or versatile and casual, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. If you need help choosing, check out our guide here.
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Comfort over great distances. Finding the right hiking shoes is essential to enjoying your outdoor experience, and at Salomon we have an excellent range of men’s hiking boots to cover all terrain types, experience levels, and distances. Travel fast and light on easy trails, move carefully over uneven trails, or go off-trail into adventure territory – whatever adventures await, we’ve got the right hiking shoes for all types of terrain. Finding the perfect fit ensures you can travel longer distances, race through new landscapes or tackle rough terrain with your head up so you can enjoy the journey. High-cut, medium-cut, or low-cut shoes all serve a special purpose as does sole stiffness, so get equipped for your next hike and get out and Play. If you need help finding the right pair for you, check out our helpful guide to choosing hiking boots..