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Pologne, 27 years old

"I’m Bartlomiej Przedwojewski but PLEASE- just call me Bart (even though it sometimes super funny when people are trying to pronounce that)
Besides running, I am a professional firefighter specializing in hight altitude and climbing rescue

When I was younger I was a track & field athlete, but when I realized that I wouldn't win an Olympic medal I started to search for a sport discipline I would actually be good at - it turned out I was quite good at mountain running and - what was maybe the most important - I really enjoyed it. I started doing it seriously in 2017- I won a few of the Polish championships and a major competition, a few months later the Polish Salomon division started to support me :) and in 2019 I joined the Salomon International Team"


Rank Epreuve / Défi / Projet personnel Date text
5th Dolomyth's Run 2019
3rd Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019
2nd Zegama 2019
1st Otter Trail (GTS Final 2018) 2018
3rd Zegama 2018
5th Golden Trail Series 2018