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I guess it’s not difficult to understand why I love the Speedcross line of shoes. In 2011, I was getting ready to run the 60 km race at Zugspitz in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was my longest race to that point. The day before the race, the Salomon Community Marketing Manager at that time gave a box of Speedcross shoes and said, “This is a great shoe that has just launched.” I guess it was the Speedcross 2 at that time. I said, “OK if you say it’s a great shoe, I will wear them in the race.” I wore them right out of the box, and I won. So I guess you could say the Speedcross is a bit of a childhood love for me. 

But it’s more than just my early success in the shoes that keeps me running in what is now the Speedcross 4 GTX® today in my training runs around Munich or in the mountains. I realize that all running shoes are becoming more and more specialized for certain trail conditions and whether you are training or racing, and I love to have those options in the Salomon range. But I have also really come to rely on the versatility that Speedcross offers.

It’s nice to put on the Speedcross 4 GTX® and know I can take on whatever the trail throws at me. Often, I start a run not knowing exactly where I will go. I don’t know what kind of terrain will come around the next corner, and I love that about trail running. If you like to run in the woods or mountains, I imagine you love that feeling, too. With Speedcross, I trust that the shoe will get me through whatever I encounter no matter where I go.

There is a simplicity is being able to make the decision to wear Speedcross because I know they have good lugs for great grip and they are comfortable. Grip and comfort. Simple, right? It’s an easy decision and one less thing to worry about before a run.

I use them on all kinds of trails, from easy forest roads to more technical scrambling. You can basically use them as a climbing shoes, too. When you put your foot on the rocks wearing the Speedcross, it stays there. And they have great cushioning so if I’m running roads to get to a trail, they are fine there, too. I even use them on the approach for climbing and for multi-day hikes.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I love bright colors. The guys on the Salomon team like to laugh at the bright colored pants that I wear to Advanced Week product testing sessions and other team meetings. (They just don’t have my kind of fashion sense and style!) Since I love bright colors, I guess it’s no surprise that I love the bright color offerings of the Speedcross range. When you are out running in bad weather and it’s raining and grey, it’s much more enjoyable to see these crazy bright colors on your feet. I find it very motivating to look down and see those shoes on my feet.

Philipp Reiter is a 25-year-old professional trail runner and mountaineer from Munich.