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On the second Salomon Après-Hour podcast, we talk with Marc Lauenstein about his life as a top-level trail-runner, how he came from orienteering races and how he pairs it with his full-time dentist job.

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Marc Lauenstein discusses work-life, training, competition, running to work and family life. How do you keep a normal life when you are running ultra-trails all over the world? How do you transition from following maps in orienteering races to following trails on in the top-level?


In the second Après-Hour Podcast, Marc Lauenstein explains how he finds life balance as a family man and competitive trail runner while also running a dental practice. Marc, who has won some of the biggest trail races in the world, goes into detail about how he finds time to train, offers advice on how to find joy in the painful parts of a race and talks about some of his favorite places to run. 


To listen to the first episode of the Après-Hour podcast, click here.