Women's Flasks & Hydration Accessories

Innovative and designed over decades of research and feedback, our women’s water bottles help you stay hydrated during intense sport so you can perform at your best. With every aspect of our hydration systems considered for optimal hydration, you can find the perfect water bottle for your next adventure.
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Made for performance. At Salomon, we’ve considered every aspect of our women’s hydration systems and water bottles so you can keep hydrated in the most challenging conditions. From built-in filtration systems that give you access to filtered water in the most remote locations to designing slide closure systems that can be used even with sweaty or cold hands, we’ve designed every aspect of our water bottles to work for you. Soft reservoirs decrease weight and minimize water bounce to increase comfort and improve endurance. Our intuitive high-flow valves make drinking easier, so you can stay hydrated with better efficiency, especially when fatigue sets in. Large openings allow you to add ice or energy mixes easily and our specialized seam construction means superior durability, abrasion resistance, and elasticity. Hydration is key to performance, and our women’s water bottles are ready to help you go the distance.