Ski Goggles

Salomon makes women’s, kids’ and men’s ski goggles that protect your eyes by filtering 100% of harmful UV rays, reducing eye strain caused by overly bright or whiteout conditions, and shielding your eyes from wind, snow and foreign objects like tree branches. They also look awesome and if you get lucky with the weather you can make your friends jealous with your amazing goggle tan.
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If you can’t see it, you can’t ski it, which is why Salomon makes so many different goggles there’s no reason whatsoever that anyone should ski without them. At the top end of the range our SIGMA Technology amplifies color contrast on snow enabling the eye to read terrain variations faster and in a wider range of light. Photochromic technology adapts lens darkness to surrounding light conditions. Custom ID Fit is an adaptive foam complex that provides a custom fit to your unique face shape. Our Twin Lock System enables you to quickly and easily change lenses even with your gloves on. And our Amplified Field of Vision provides an increased field of vision especially at the bottom of the frame where it’s needed most. For more help in determining which pair of goggles is best for you, take a couple of minutes to read our article on how to choose ski goggles