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QST Access 80
QST Access 80
QST Access 80
QST Access 80
QST Access 80
QST Access 80
QST Access 80

QST Access 80

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  • Designed for: Skiing
Skiing precision and walking comfort ensure a great day on the mountain.
  • Convenience
  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight
Ref: LD7204$
QST Access 80 has a ratchet buckle for intuitive adjustment, making this easy walking boot convenient and comfortable for all-day skiing.
Customizable fit
Alpine Boot last
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TECHNOLOGIES / Hike& Ride technology

Salomon patented system combining the backbone release with a specific V-cut shape on the back of the lower shell. Allows wide rear cuff opening when hiking (Backbone unlocked) & true alpine forward flex when skiing down (Backbone locked) because the backside of the backbone fits precisely into the V-cut lower shell

SHELL & CUFF / Mono Material PP shell

SHELL & CUFF / Mono material PP cuff

SHELL & CUFF / Easy step in overlap

LINERS / My Custom Fit Comfort

Thermoformable tongue for better tibial comfort

LINERS / Woolmetal

BUCKLES / 2 micro alumix buckles + ratchet buckle

ADJUSTMENT / 24mm oversized pivot

ADJUSTMENT / Ratchet buckle

ADJUSTMENT / Ski/walk adjustment

Unlock the lower part of the boot and walk easily & safely; no influence on performance while skiing.