Women's Skis

Salomon’s women’s skis are the foundation of a highly specialized line of ski equipment we design specifically for women. So, whether you’re looking for all-mountain skis, ski touring skis or freeride skis, Salomon makes a ski that has been created from top to bottom for women. Learn all about how to choose the right skis for you choose the right skis for you.


Lightweight, tough, and stable on-piste skis


Powerful and intense skis built to give you superior stablity at speed


Wide and stable skis built for steep angles, deep powder, and off-piste fun

All Mountain

Ultra-versatile skis crafted for all conditions and every type of terrain


Lightweight and stable skis for efficient ascents and adventurous descents

Ratings (101 Reviews) 4.73/5

4.7 / 5 based on 101 Bazaarvoice reviews.

Women skiers demand the very best ski equipment available and when it’s time to buy women’s skis, women know that Salomon is a brand they can trust. So whether it’s our all mountain skis, ski touring skis, freeride skis or carving skis we are committed to producing lightweight, stable and tough skis that are designed specifically for women from start to finish. And if all you really want is the best all-around skis, then Salomon has you covered there, too. Our line of women’s skis has absolutely the perfect ski for every type of skier.