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Experience a real love of skiing with our unbeatable Salomon skis. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, an adventurer or an acrobat, a lover of speed or of powder, you’ll find our range of alpine skis meet the most demanding needs. Thanks to their innovative design, you’ll feel free to ski with confidence in any discipline.


Wide and stable skis built for steep angles, deep powder, and off-piste fun

All Mountain

Ultra-versatile skis crafted for all conditions and every type of terrain

  • STANCE 102

    Unisex - Unisex All-Mountain Skis
    Ratings 5 (2reviews)
    • STANCE 96

      Unisex - Unisex All-Mountain Skis
      Ratings 4.1 (7reviews)
      • STANCE 90

        Unisex - Unisex All-Mountain Skis
        Ratings 5 (4reviews)


        Lightweight, tough, and stable on-piste skis


        Lightweight and stable skis for efficient ascents and adventurous descents

        • MTN EXPLORE 95

          Unisex - Unisex Touring Skis
          Ratings 5 (1reviews)
          • MTN EXPLORE 88

            Unisex - Unisex Touring Skis
            Ratings (0reviews)
            • MTN SUMMIT 79

              Unisex - Unisex Touring Skis
              Ratings (0reviews)


              Powerful and intense skis built to give you superior stablity at speed

              Ratings (73 Reviews) 4.78/5

              4.8 / 5 based on 73 Bazaarvoice reviews.

              The soul of Salomon Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon forged the reputation of its expertise by designing skis and developing a unique binding system. For over half a century, we have been using our experience to continuously improve our skis and offer everyone the best innovations. Our engineers have designed high-performance alpine skis for all disciplines: racing, piste, freeride, park, cross-country and all mountain. Peak lovers will inevitably find the pair that will make them happy. Agile and fast, efficient and precise, resistant and durable, our alpine skis combine all the assets for a perfect glide. Our models are available in many sizes and come with or without bindings for the most demanding needs. Don't wait any longer to experience your passion for the mountains to the fullest. The Playing field has no limits. It's Time To Play!