Women's Sandals & Water Shoes

Made for recovery days and enjoying water sports, Salomon’s collection of women’s sandals and water shoes are the ultimate shoes for relaxing fun. Enjoy extra breathability, excellent water-wicking properties, and full-on comfort when you want to kick back and relax.


Shoes for relaxing, recovery, and fun in the sun


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      Women - Women's Recovery Shoes
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      Built to perform in wet conditions these innovative shoes grip and dry quick

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          Women - Women's Sandals
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          Built for fun in the sun. Salomon’s collection of women’s sandals and water shoes are lightweight, breathable, and seamless for full-on comfort when you’re kicking back, taking a rest day, or enjoying your favorite water sports. These shoes dry quickly thanks to their water-wicking properties and breathable, airy design. Their versatile style with collapsable heel gives you easy-on, easy-off wearability to help keep things simple and easy. Contagrip® soles provide extra grip on slippery, wet surfaces so you can walk and hike with confidence. When you want to rest between races, long runs, or challenging hikes, our range of sandals help you recover in better comfort. Pair with our women’s sport sunglasses. ] and you’ll be ready to really relax. Find your favorite shoes here and get the most out of your day with fun, sun, and style.