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Finde die Produkte und hole dir alle Tipps, die du für deinen Sport brauchst.

What do ski legends such as Marc Girardelli, Ingemar Stenmark, Janica Kostelic, Anja Paerson, Didier Cuche and Günter Mader have in common? Apart from an outstanding collection of trophies, they all competed on Salomon equipment and more specifically used Salomon boots to win races.

Even now, a strong team led by Marta Bassino, Victor Muffat Jeandet, Luca Aerni, Hannes Reichelt and Meta Hrovat wear Salomon boots while chasing victories on the World Cup tour.

Often underestimated by the average skier who is often driven mainly by comfort, top level athletes know that ski boots can be crucial to their success and finding the perfect pair is not always simple.

That’s why at the ADC a dedicated team works closely with the athletes to develop and test new technologies that will first allow them to excel in World Cup races, but also be transferrable onto the commercial ranges. The goal is to generate scalable technologies that allow professional athletes to win races while also giving more recreational skiers an edge on the slopes. At Salomon, performance is always a priority but so is maintaining the high levels of comfort our boots have always been known for

Thanks to the International Ski Federation’s camera crew that visited the R&D team earlier this year, now you too can get a glimpse at the detailed process of how ski boots are made.