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With the flex of ShadowFit Technology and the support of a carbon constructed asymmetrical highback, and now featuring the new for 2017 Shadow Strap. Quantum Binding is the choice for any charger needing control and lightning-fast reactivity.
  • Flex
  • Energy
  • Control
Ссылка: LC4955$
With the flex of ShadowFit technology and the support of a carbon constructed asymmetrical highback, the Quantum binding is the special operative that any charger calls in when top-notch control and lightning-fast reactivity is needed. The Kevlar Quickwire allows for lateral mobility when tweaking, while the Airbed Footbed paired with Full EVA, new MP Ratchet delivering secure and efficient fastening, and extra comfy Shadow straps will keep the dogs from barking on long backcountry days.
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829 gr
  • Universal Disc
  • IMS
  • MP Ratchet
  • Aluminum Buckle.


Stiffer flexing bindings are geared more towards advanced riders looking for more precision control at high speeds; whether it be in the park, pipe or anywhere on the mountain.

BASEPLATE / Shadow Fit baseplate

3 piece baseplate featuring a unique flexible heel loop and completely anatomical fit to provide intuitive mobility without sacrificing performance. The result is an ultra light binding that allows your whole kit to flex together.

BASEPLATE / Compo-Lite

45% glass fiber reinforced polyamide with added graphite for enhanced strength, rigidity and energy transfer.

BASEPLATE / Adjustable Toe Ramp

For easy adjustability for the best transmission on toe edge.

BASEPLATE / Kevlar Quickwire

HIGHBACK / Quantum

Asymmetrical highback features a full carbon construction and ergonomic design to provide ultimate transmission and comfort.

PADDING / Canted Footbed

Instantly add pop power and extra edge control to your riding with our 2.5° canted footbed. Easy on the knees and no loss of board-feel.

PADDING / Impact Shield

Full EVA + Poron on the heel for maximum absorption while keeping the best reponse and control.

STRAPS / Micro Max Straps Adjustments

Fast and precise micro adjustments let you optmize the straps centering on your boot for maximum comfort and support.

STRAPS / Locked-Up Toe Strap

Ultimate envelopment for perfect boot hold and ultra lightweight and durable.

STRAPS / Shadow Strap


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