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Earlier this year, we invited professional boot fitters from the USA to visit the Salomon Annecy Design Center and learn more about how Salomon ski boots are designed and produced. They also took the time to share a few pieces of advice on what you should know and look for when you go to buy your very own pair of ski boots. 

Go to a custom bootfiting shop

This seems obvious coming from boot fitters, but there are very good reasons for this advice. By visiting a custom boot fitting store, you will get a knowledgable, experienced professional to help you with your decision. He or she will measure your feet and have you try on different pairs of boots. This lets you find the ski boot that truly fits you the best. Ski boots are well-designed, with great attention to detail. It’s just a question of matching the skier to the right boot. 

Educate yourself

Before buying ski boots, get a good idea of what you want and what you need. You should have a clear idea of the type of product and the type of fit you're looking for. From there, go with the ski boot that fits your feet the best and that will represent the performance level you need: don't just pick the ski boot that you think looks best. Picking the right ski boot is about comfort, but it's also about how you stand, which is why the fit should be very precise. 

Be honest with your bootfitter

Let them know how often and how well you actually ski. There is no need to pretend you're an Olympic gold medalist like Victor Muffat-Jeandet or a freeskiing film star like Stan Rey if you only ski blue slopes. Being honest with your boot fitter will help him or her pick the right ski boot for your feet. It's also recommended that you try on several brands, as you might not find your perfect fit in a singular brand.

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