Baptiste GROS

Francja, 30 years old

A flawless sprinter, Baptiste has incredible power under his skis and poles. It took him some years to control it, but once he did, he secured World Cup podium place on 6 occasions. He's the origin of the famous "Team poney" nickname given to the French sprinters.
With 5 World Cup podiums, the 2016 season was his best one so far. It is the season where he showed the world the power he has under his skis and poles. He also finished 4th in the Sprint overall ranking the same season.


He has this great quality of always questioning himself. Even though it can be a disadvantage when it comes to "put the brain down", it is something that really defines Baptiste.
He also likes to disconect from reality by driving his van to some places and escape to relax from the pressure of being a high-level athlete.



What is your favorite training ? Regardless of the discipline, it's the setting that gives some of my workouts the dimension I love. Often in the mountains, far from the crowds, it's when I can chase the kilometers without even paying attention to the time that passes that I take the most pleasure. Whether in trail, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, mountain biking, even kayaking, some sessions leave me with lasting memories.

What is your favorite race format ? The ko sprint skate is by far my favorite format. It requires tactics, explosiveness and a total overtaking: A cocktail hard to get but rich in sensations.

What is your favorite race place ? I would say where the fervor is. Whether in Scandinavia or France, races where the public moves in bulk are the best. For example, the 40,000 spectators on Ulricehamn's tracks have made this weekend of racing incredible.

What is your best memory in your sport ? There are many excellent ones, but my World Cup victory in 2016 remains the most beautiful!

What are your hobbies apart from your sport ? (Oh no sorry, I have no dog - Les Inconnus). The sport in general, I try to learn new disciplines regularly. Beside that, I have a penchant for mechanics, DIY and everything that makes you crazy when it does not work as it should. Finally, I gradually become addicted to roadtrips. I am currently taking advantage of the Norwegian West Coast to combine surfing and more traditional training.


What music do you like to listen to when you're training / preparing for a race ? Misunderstood - Holly two - Invisible matters



Best World Cup overall ranking : 24th in 2015-2016 (4th in Sprint)

Number of World Cup podiums : 5


Participations at World Championships : 2

Medals at World Championships : 0


Participation in the Olympic Games : 2


Medals at the Olympic Games : 0