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Being the eager runners that we are, Salomon asks the question:

Why do we love running so much? Why do we love stomping the asphalt for hours on the same roads? Why do we enjoy pushing ourselves for 10, 20, or 50 kilometers? Why do we bother to weave through people on the sidewalk and return home wet after a rainy run?

Only you know the answer.

But if you need a bit of inspiration as the days get longer, the temperature begins to rise and your running shoes begin to call your name, watch the video below. And keep reading after the video to hear why Salomon athletes love to run.

Running stirs an array of emotions, from the first few warm-up strides to your post-run stretching session (if you’re smart enough to stretch). And a good run can pack just as many emotions as a full day. The excitement of the start. The calmness that comes with placing one foot in front of the other. The struggle of pushing yourself to your physical limits. And, finally, the relief, gratification, and happiness of finishing. Others simply long for the feeling of achievement that comes with finishing a race in a desired time.

We asked our Salomon running athletes what emotions they feel during a run. According to Thibaut BARONIAN, it can go from bad to amazing: “I feel a lot of things! From total euphoria to deep pain, but mostly I feel the wellbeing from pushing my body into something tough.” Eli-Anne DVERGSDAL has a similar opinion: “I go through lots of thoughts during a run. Sometimes I feel tired, other times I feel that my body loves to move, can push more and move faster. But every time I am just happy to run, whether I feel tired or energized.” For Davide MAGNINI, young runner and winner of Mont-Blanc Marathon and Dolomyths Run in 2019, running is a way to self-improve: “After running, I feel fulfilled and totally regenerated, both physically and psychologically; the image I have of myself gains in strength and positivity, stress goes away and my mood skyrockets”.