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Rickey Gates ran every single street in San Francisco and Salomon TV made an episode about it. Now he’s back for more. To celebrate the launch of the episode Every Single Street, which Rickey completed in 2018, the longtime trail runner is now setting his sights on a new city, starting March 9.

And he’s challenging you to do the same in your hometown, not matter how small your hometown may be.

“Most of us don't have the luxury to get on the trails and head up to a mountain top every day,” Gates says. “With a little curiosity though, we can exercise both our mind and body simply by dedicating ourselves to a simple challenge.”

We asked Rickey to offer some advice on how to plan your own Every Single Street running adventure. Watch the video and see his list of things you’ll need below. And remember to post photos of your running adventure on Instagram using the hashtag #EverySingleStreet and tag @salomonrunning.

Here’s what Rickey used and recommends you bring on your own Every Single Street adventure:

• Shoes: Salomon Predict RA road running shoes
• Salomon S/Lab running apparel
• Salomon Agile 250 waist belt
• A recording device, such as a GPS watch, to record your run (Rickey uses the Suunto 9 watch)
• District Vision socks and sunglasses
• GoPro 7
• Bic 4-color pen
• A physical (paper) map
• Money – for a drink along the way
• A cap to protect you from the sun
• Sunscreen, depending on where you live
• Sunglasses

Rickey's gear