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The new 2018 Agile Range of packs from Salomon is available in 2, 6 and 12-liter models. Whether you are heading out for a 10K run in trails near home or venturing out for a longer run in the mountains or going for a day hike, there’s something that will suit your outdoor game. Clemence Copie, Salomon’s Commercial Manager for Apparel & gear, delivers all you need to know about the Agile range.

The Agile 2 Set is a super-light and super-fast hydration solution for short runs. It’s perfect for a quick run in the city. With a minimalist design, it efficiently carries keys, cards and phones, and makes access to hydration easy. Comfortable and convenient, it’s great for short active sessions.

The Agile 6 Set is made for days when you want to go for a longer run, ride or hike. Specifically designed for mid-distance endurance activities, it carries water and essentials, plus an extra mid layer or light rain jacket. This bag lets you stretch out and stay hydrated and energized.

The Agile 12 Set is perfect if you want to head out for an all-day trail run or a technical hike. It efficiently carries your full kit. Lightweight and comfortable, this bag makes sure you're fully prepared for several hours of active adventure.