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Renaud Jay on his forst individual podium in Åre © Nordic Focus
"The Climb" during the sprint in Åre © Nordic Focus
Renaud onn the finish line in Åre © Nordic Focus
Renaud Jay smiling on the podium in Åre © Nordic Focus

After the joy of podiums with his team mates, this year in Dresden with Lucas Chanavat and in Planica 2016 with Baptiste Gros, Renaud enjoyed climbing alone on a World Cup podium !

This special format was a first try and a good one for the French sprinter. The skiers were sprinting on a 700m track climbing the final part of the alpine slope in Åre. 

Finishing 5th in the qualifications, Renaud started the day in a good way, making his way to the final where he got his firs ever individual World Cup podium in third position !


Photo © Nordic Focus