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After an historic 2018-19 World Cup season in which its team achieved 93 world cup podiums and 7 athletes were crowned World Champions, Salomon Nordic added yet another top-level World Cup athlete to its team when Norwegian cross-country skier Finn-Hågen Krogh agreed to use Salomon skis, boots and bindings for the upcoming season.

The three-time world championship medalist recently spent a week testing Salomon equipment and shared his excitement to join the team. 


“My first impression of the Salomon products are very good,” Krogh said. “The stability in the skis and boots is incredible. It’s this kind of performance I have been searching for in order to be able to ski the way I want.”


Krogh will use Salomon’s brand new S/LAB Carbon Classic skis and boots for the coming races, as well as the S/LAB Carbon skate package. “The feeling on the skis and boots is amazing,” he said. “I can relax and be comfortable on the skis, so I can get full use of my technique.”

Finn-Hågen Krogh holdin S/LAB Carbon skate skis & boots

While the skis, boots and bindings were crucial to his decision, the Norwegian said the service provided by the Salomon team is equally as important.

“The main reason I switched to Salomon is because of the performance of the skis, but also the service from the Salomon team is a very good,” Krogh said. “So I feel confident that together we will make things work how we want it to be.”

Salomon Nordic Director Nicolas Stamos said the addition of the Norwegian star was another huge achievement for the Salomon Nordic group.

“We are delighted to welcome Finn-Hågen to the team,” Stamos said. “This is another big step forward for us after Sjur Røthe’s world championship title last season. We are gaining credibility and trust from the Norwegian ski team. Norway being the biggest country for our sport.”

Salomon will now be represented by four athletes on the Norwegian national ski team: Finn-Hågen Krogh and Sjur Røthe on the Men’s team, and Ane Appelqvist Stenseth and Kari Øyre Slind on the Women’s team.


Credit Photo: Frank Rune Isaksen,