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After establishing a new Fastest Known Time on the Kungsleden Trail in the Swedish Lapland in July, Salomon athlete Emelie Forsberg will take on a much shorter—but still formidable—distance when she lines up at the starting line of the Pikes Peak Mountain Marathon in Colorado. The highest race of the Golden Trail Series, Pikes Peak takes racers up to 14,115 feet (more than 4,300 meters) of elevation. Though the course is run over narrow, winding gravel and rock trail with sharp turns and abrupt changes in elevation or direction, Forsberg says it is not super technical so she will use her favorite shoes, the S/LAB Sense. She will also wear the thin Salomon XA Socks, the S/LAB Skirt, S/LAB Sense Brief and the S/LAB Exo Tee.