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Uomo - Scarpe da trail running da uomo
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Dark Denim / Black / Navy Blazer


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Unendo tecnologie e tessuti di ultima generazione, la WILDCROSS ti fa muovere a un ritmo sostenuto sui terreni fangosi. Grazie ai tasselli multidirezionali per aderenza extra e alle alette SensiFit™ per tenere ben fermo il piede, potrai concentrarti sul ritmo e incrementare la velocità. Inoltre abbiamo ottimizzato l'altezza del differenziale e dello stack per offrirti il giusto livello di stabilità.


Reattiva (No)
Equilibrata (Sì)
Morbida (No)

Calzata scarpa

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Standard (Sì)
Generosa (No)
Ampia (No)

Protezione del piede

Minima (No)
Leggera (Sì)
Alta (No)


Occasionale (No)
Allenamento regolare (Sì)
Gara (Sì)

Tipo di terreno running

Strada (No)
Terreni misti (No)
Roccioso (No)
Morbido e fangoso (Sì)
Neve e ghiaccio (No)

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    Valutazioni (45reviews)

    Rated 5 di 5 di da Awesome Shoe! Purchased a pair recently to try far, muy bien! I've logged almost 37 miles of Pacific Northwest trail miles in them on, including a 15.5 mile run on Sunday through some serious mud. They are simply awesome and a great addition to my rotation of the Sense Ride 3 and S/LAB Ultra 3 shoes. I was a bit worried about the cushioning, but they were extremely comfortable throughout the run. I also noticed a huge difference in the stack height "feel"; meaning, I've read there's a 5 mm delta between the SPEEDCROSS and WILDCOSS, but it feel way more dramatic than that. Also, the toe box is much bigger and allows more splay, yet, no swimming around whatsoever. Nice job Salomon; another great release!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-03
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Like a Glove! Managed to get a couple of pairs in summer 2020, and wore them for most of my hilly and hill rep sessions on trails, rocks and rough terrain. The one downside is if you have narrow feet the quicklock laces get loose over time, but perhaps a solution to this would be to buy a half-size smaller, since the toe box has some spread also, this may be the perfect compromise. Grip wise the lugs are deep and you can have confidence on the downhill, and really drive up on the uphill. The fit allover is like a glove, very light and despite their slightly bulky appearance have a minimalist feel. The drainage in wet conditions is the big winner with these shoes, with the large sections of mesh making them fully breathable and the perfect training or racing shoes for sessions up to 2.5/3 hours. I have worn them in a few 6 hour mountain days and had no issues also, but with their 8mm drop and harder feel some people may struggle for comfort and may be better for sessions up to 2 hours depending on how tough and battered your feet are! Stability is strong with the dreamtex wings, so with the 8mm drop your feet feel really secure. These are not a shoe for turning your brain off and running in though, as you are a bit higher off the ground so you dont want to roll your ankle in them since they are suited to mid-heel foot strikers. Overall, love these shoes, proper weapons. If the quick lace system was improved and tightened up a bit, we would have a winner here.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-31
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great fit & very comfortable I bought these for running on the trails in MN during the winter. I tried on several different trail shoes and these fit much better than others. The trails here can get fairly icy but I've been really happy with the stability.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-28
    Rated 5 di 5 di da great in wet weather and snow i live and run in Yosemite National Park,always on forest trails, and these are great for winter! The wider toebox is why i finally bought a pair of Salomon shoes (all other of salomon styles i have tried are too narrow in the toe area for me) ive done some rainy day 15 mile runs in them and they have excellent grip in mud, over logs and on wet granite. i like the toe protection as with all the granite here in the Sierra Nevada mountains,youll always occasionally kick a rock hidden in leaves, so the toe protection is welcome! ill go back to my regular brand in summer, but these are definitely my new Go To winter/spring shoe. if salomon makes this in a summer version, maybe lighter lugs and a 4mm or zero drop, ill definitely buy a pair, or 5 or 10, especially because my usual brand has declined in quality over the past 2 or 3 years :( so im looking to change things up. -oh! and i liked these so much, I bought a pair for my husband and for my brother! ( *im reviewing the Mens wildcross as i have a wide foot, so i always have to buy mens running shoes)
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-18
    Rated 5 di 5 di da My favorite Solomon’s to date! The Wildcross are my sixth pair of different Solomon trail running shoes and so far are the best for my type of running. My running consists of all trails, sand and mud in the summer and packed snowmobile trails in the winter. The have a decent amount of cushioning but are still stable and responsive. The traction is great on hard pack snow/ice and mud. No complaints so far. I only have about 50 miles on them so far, I hope the hold up and are as durable as the old fellraisers, my previous favorites.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-13
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Surprisingly comfortable! I've run several times in these in the past two month. I really enjoy these. They grip really good. They look somewhat bulky but they are light and feel surprisingly comfortable.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-13
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Comfortable and tough Holding up well and they are comfortable to wear. No issues after a few months of wearing.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-11
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best running shoes Makes running enjoyable , very comfortable and light , What I wanted.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-03
    Rated 5 di 5 di da EXCELLENT off road Running shoe as it is advertise I purchased the Wildcross shoe due to the great ratings and my extremely happy experience with the 5 pairs of Speedcross shoes i have purchased the last five years. However, the Speed crosses were not available in size 13 at the time of purchase. First, I I used to be an off road marathoner and have learned when you find a shoe that fits buy a bunch of them. However, due to being 60 years old I only do strenuous morning hikes. I absolutely love the Speed crosses- never any problems worth every penny and then some. The Speedcrosses are great for me for hiking, but I decided to try the Wildcross. The Wildcross is definitely the shoe I would buy if I were a runner, sock like fit (keeps the debris out) and great motion control. However, I will go back I buy the Speedcross when available in size 13, because I like the easy on easy off of the shoe I think the mid sole is much better on the Speedcross.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-30
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great versatile trail runner! Freakishly awesome trail running shoes! They provide great comfort with wider toe box and lacing system from the top of the tongue which can be very useful for runner with higher arches. They're super durable and provide amazing grip! That's something what was missing in Cross family!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-11
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great features I bought these a few weeks ago. Solid construction, size is true fit.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-28
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Awesome shoes awesome shoes, great fit a little bit wider than speed cross on the toe section. Love them
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-22
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great for rugged terrain I got these for more rugged/ muddy terrain. They do not disappoint. Nice amount of cushion with plenty of deep lugs and protection. I would describe them as a cross between the Sense Ride and Speedcross. The toe box is more spacious then the Speedcross.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-17
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Awesome Shoe Have been very pleased with the Speed Cross shoes in the past, I decided to try both the CrossPro and the WildCross. While I didn’t like the fit of the CrossPro, I loved the fit of the WildCross. A bit wider in the toe box, and with multidirectional lugs as opposed to the chevrons, the shoe absolutely ate up the trail. My fastest runs to date!!!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-17
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Second review after 100+ miles These shoes keep delivering, having tried many in the past, even after several months of constant use the grip remains super sticky, the comfort gets even better and they are easily worn for a 20 mile hike. I would say, that unless you wear cushioning socks, the 20-mile mark is about the maximum that your feet enjoy, I wear thin and light toe socks (injinji) so there is no extra cushioning, and my feet start getting tired around mile 18 but are bearable until around mile 22. note that I do high altitude, 10,000 ft, steep hikes with an elevation gain of around 8,000 ft on hard rocky surfaces in Southern California, so this may vary if you have actual dirt or grass under your feet instead of sand and rock the whole way. I am looking to buy the exact same pair again to keep in storage for when this pair is worn out, which by the looks of it may be a total of around 300+ miles of durability before switching out.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-05
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great support in the arch and hugs my foot This is my new favorite shoe. I use to run with the speedcross 5 but have now switched to the wild cross. The lower approach in the heel is just what I needed
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-03
    Rated 5 di 5 di da These are my ATV I'm planning on getting these on trail asap but in the meantime I've been testing them and have found them to be truly all terrain. The wings have the ability to hold your foot and lessen the foot shifting. I've found these to be slightly wider than previous salomon shoes which I've enjoyed. The material isn't waterproof but does help when walking thru wet grass.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-27
    Rated 4 di 5 di da High performance shoe with a snug fit Very happy with the shoe at this point. Fit is excellent, shoe is comfortable with great support. I'm mostly happy with the grip this sole provides - great traction on our kitty litter / decomposed granite here in Colorado. Other Salomon shoes have the same sole, but I think this one is more stylish, and I like it better. One thing to know is the shoe is pretty snug - especially foot entrance is on the tight side. Once in, it's really comfy; but people with puffed up feet like me might find slipping in this shoe a bit of a challenge. Overall another great product
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-23
    Rated 5 di 5 di da One tough shoe I bought this shoe for my teenage son who trains five days a week for Nordic skiing. He love the snug fit, quick lace and weight to toughness ratio.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-19
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Bomb shoe Have taken this shoe on many 2-6 hour long runs over a variety of terrain. Feels stable on rocks and roots (though not the MOST precise on scrambles) and grips very well on wet terrain. Wound up in ~6 inches of snow for a few hours and was amazed by the grip.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-15
    Rated 4 di 5 di da great grip I bought those for an ultra (I unfortunately DNF), but they really did the job. It was wet and slippery the entire trail I did and the shoes saved me from falling a couple of time. A little more cushion would have been great, but It is very good as it is. I would definitely re-buy!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-30
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great shoes for great things I bought these over a month ago, i've put over 50 miles on them and I've put them to the test on snow and ice. I was so impressed and amazed on the grip and the no slip traction on these great shoes.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-29
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Comfy & great for mud! Really comfy, actually tried on some pretty dry trails and the shoes felt good and very responsive. Can tell they'll have a good purchase in muddy terrain.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-27
    Rated 5 di 5 di da I love with this shoe ! Lighter, wider, much more comfortable but just as heavy duty as the speedcross. Did a 50k and a 80k race in them and they held up 10/10 !
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-14
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Honestly amazing all-round shoe! I first wore these shoes climbing the Mt Marion Trail to Mount Jacinto Peak (14-miles and very steep and slippery terrain from gravel or springs). I have never had a pair of shoes that grip like these in my life, from all my other shoes, to my Salomon mountaineering boots, these take the top prize! There is essentially no break-in period with these shoes, if you need to get something quick for a big trail, I would recommend these. I got one small blister under my big-toe which was the result of me not using my double layer sock system (injinji) as I normally do, since corrected, there has been no discomfort. I live in So-Cal and was worried that they may not be as comfortable for hard dirt trails and that they may wear down quicker, that isn't at all the case, even on hard-packed dirt, these shoes are amazing, they have quickly become my go-to trail running or hiking shoe! A lot of people have mixed throughts about the quick-lace system, personally, I love it and couldn't imagine hiking without it. There is a trick to it though; once you pull it tight, put the top (finger-groove) part in the holder first, then fold over the tightening nozzle to have the top pointing towards the toe, then stuff in the shoelaces. Done this way, they will never come out, and I have never had it come loose, even on 10-15 mile hikes, this works perfectly and I have never once had to worry about correcting my shoe laces. The only difference I would make to the Wildcross is to have a 6mm or 7mm drop rather than an 8mm. Other than that, they are perfect. Quick note, the color is very-slightly more Turquise than light-blue as they look in the photos for the Fjord blue.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-02
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Good fit better performance. Many people see these as an “evolution” from the classics Speedcross for more technical terrains. I had the opportunity to try the Speedcross, the Cross/Pro and the Wildcross and these last ones are my favourites! But like with most trail running shoes, it depends on the use you will give them. The first thing you will notice is the aggressive lugs which will allow you to play off the main paths. These shoes aim to be used mainly in technical terrains having the best grip I have ever tried so far. This is because of the combination of the multi-directional lugs and the Contragrip outsole compound. Where the Speedcross has a Chevron lugs shape for a traditional forward grip, these new lugs allow you to move sideways with great confidence. I tried them on dry and wet surface and they didn’t disappoint. Works great on soft and muddy terrains, steep grassy and forest track with no problems. The spaced lugs help a lot to clear the mud clumped on your soles. When I used them on the road, it gives a nice springy feeling because the long lugs give you an extra cushion but that is not the intention of it and prolong used on road segment will wear the lugs quite quick. I would say they are great for short/medium distances, I used them in 2/3 hours easy runs without any discomfort. The midsole is made with their EnergyCell compound, giving enough cushioning for medium distances but maybe not for ultras. They are relatively light for this kind of trail running shoes, with only 290 gr, so you won’t be bothered about the weight in longer runs. Can be used for heel or midfoot strike. The drop and stack height gives you just the right amount of stability. The fit is the main difference between the Wildcross and the Cross/Pro. This one has a more generous fit. It is known between trail runners, that Salomon has many shoes with a snug fit, I heard this so many times, people saying that Salomon doesn’t work for them because they are too narrow, I found myself in the same position. But they have been changing some of the fits, even the Speedcross became more comfortable in their last version. The Wildcross come in Standard Fit, and I found them really comfy, from the heel to the toes box. The SensiFit system secures the arch of your feet to provide an adapted fit. The lacing system is the well-known Quicklace and Salomon keep developing the system, since last year they introduce the tongue’s lace pocket from the top, instead of from the bottom, and it’s an improvement Conclusion The Salomon Wildcross performed great in a variety of terrains and situations, with a nice and comfortable fit around your feet provides the security you need for the most demanding terrains. I would highly recommend the Salomon Wildcross to anyone looking for a reliable shoe for muddy or more demanding terrains. But if you want to use them for forest tracks or compact gravel then you won’t need so much grip.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-01
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Excellent all round shoe Fantastic go to shoe for adventures or long days out. Grip is sublime on everything from wet grass to greasy lake district rocks. Lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand long runs and lots of use. If you love this grip. like I do, then the Wild Cross along with the Cross Pro make a brilliant arsenal for fell running. I would train in the Wild Cross then race in the Cross Pro. A brilliant leap forward for salomon!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-23
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Got bite I was always envious of the speed cross but hated the weight, drop and toe box. This shoe addresses all those. Although the trails have been drier than a camel fart up here in the PNW, I’ve been able to rip these on some softer, looser dirt and they grip like crazy. Actually am looking forward to some rain to test these out in some mud where they’ll be right at home. Excellent shoe!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-23
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Perfect shoe for rocky, loose, technical terrain. Lightweight, yet sturdy and stable, the WILDCROSS is my go-to techy adventure shoe. It fits true to size, is comfortable, yet aggressive enough for your wildest scrambles across scree fields and boulder hopping.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-21
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Great all around technical shoe I got this shoe thinking it would be similar to the Speedcross and in many ways it is but at the same time, it's a totally different shoe. It's got great grip and traction like a Speedcross but I'd say it's more balanced, more versatile, and more runnable than the Speedcross. This is a great all around trail running shoe with a snug fitting mid section but a adaptable and wider fitting toe box. I think this can fit a wide range of feet. I've hiked in it, climbed mountains in it, and done some off trail running and it's been great for all of those. It's definitely not overly plush but it does have some more protection than say the Salomon Speed. It's more aggressive traction would be great for Pacific NW running year round or somewhere with wetter and softer trails. I've been pleasantly surprised how well it's running on our hard dry trails here in Bend during the summer though too. And full disclaimer, I am a Salomon sponsored athlete but hoping this info can be helpful if you're looking to purchase a pair.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-19
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