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Unisex - Attacchi da sci escursionismo unisex
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Unendo l'efficienza da sci escursionismo di un attacco a perno (Low Tech) e le prestazioni di un modello alpino da freeride, il nuovo S/LAB SHIFT MNC 13 inaugura una nuova generazione di attacchi da freeride. È il primo vero attacco senza compromessi mai creato, pensato per sciatori che amano spingersi oltre i limiti della montagna e dello sci.

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    Valutazioni (53reviews)

    Rated 4 di 5 di da Good product, needs some updates Good product. Me and my GF used it this season around 45 days at the resort and around 20 days in the backcountry without any big issues. -The brakes are a bit tricky in climbing mode. They release easily if snow freezes under the heel piece. Once you notice it, it's easy to get over that problem but it's still annoying sometimes. -Two heel risers would be very useful. -I find the DIN setting a bit weak. I need to crank it higher to get the same usual result. Good for resort skiers who wants to go in the backcountry with the same setup.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-21
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Cool concept, poorly executed. I purchased the shift about a year ago and was really excited about the versatility. I ski aggressively and was psyched about the ability to lock my toe in when going down hill. I used the bindings in BC and VT and in the course of the year had 3 different issues. I had to warranty the binding 2 times. The plastic pieces are weak and tend to break/fail when snow gets in the components. The last issue is what pushed me over the edge. The locking mechanism in the toe piece failed in touring mode and would not keep my boot locked in. This failure happened at the bottom of an avalanche chute that I had just skied and needed to skin back up to get out. Not Ideal. Would not recommend to a friend!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-17
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Excellent Binding [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought one and had the track on the toe piece break in a spot that allowed the binding to function, however I did not want to have any issues. Replaced under warranty. The performance has been excellent. The binding functions exactly as expected/desired. I have not had any issues with pre releasing. I am cautious about snow/ice buildup, and I do not use my bindings to remove snow from my boots. I have not had any issues with the brakes popping down, however I am careful to make sure there isn't any snow in the way of the mechanisms.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-09
    Rated 2 di 5 di da Great idea, lacks the quality This is my second season on these bindings (last season cut very short due to Covid, skied on them twice). So far this season, three skins and I'm ready to switch back to my old heavy frame bindings because they work consistently. The tension spring that locks the lever into skin mode and secured the pins won't stay up on one binding, so if I'm breaking trail of any kind my ski just falls off. This tension should be very difficult, and lockable. The worst experience ever is to have your ski pop off in a dangerous area while skinning. Also, a second higher riser NEEDS to be added. It would be very easy to add a second riser, pivoting on the same point. I can't believe this wasn't added from the beginning. Can I work in your R&D department?
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-08
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Unreliable On the first time out I had issues and couldn't keep them locked in uphill mode. Hence, as soon as I left the skin track, the skis came off just with the the weight of the snow breaking trail. They skied well downhill for a while, but then the toe on one of the bindings became loose and I was periodically having to adjust the plate under the toe to keep them snug. The binding concept is good, but the quality seems really suspect and unless there is something that I'm missing with the set up I will need to return them because they are useless for uphill without being able to lock in uphill mode. I took them to a shop, and they were familiar with the binding, but perplexed as to why they wouldn't lock. They tried them with other boots with the same result.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-06
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Great innovation, needs some work The Shift binding works excellent as an alpine/tech hybrid. It's perfect for slack country terrain that you want to get aggressive in, however it still needs a lot of fine tuning. Both the heel and toe pieces tend to ice up, preventing them from switching between uphill and downhill mode. The smallest amount of force on the brake seems to pop the heel piece back into downhill mode, which can be extremely frustrating when skinning up steep up-tracks. The brakes themselves are very fragile. I bent mine without much force on my first day. The brakes lock together (bent or unbent), making it more difficult to separate your skies than necessary. Finally, I wish the heel piece came with a second elevator for unavoidable steep up-tracks. I really hope the next iteration of this binding addresses some of these issues, as I plan on switching to these for all my future skinning setups.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-02
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Does what they claim to do This is my third season on the Shift binding, and they've definitely lived up to my expectations. I'm not using them for long tours. I bought them for a weekly dawn skin. After the first backcountry run of the day, my friend goes to work, so I transition to a few hours to lift service terrain. They were mounted by the techs at my local shop, and thus far, they've just worked.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-28
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Unreliable. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] On the first time out I had issues and couldn't keep them locked in uphill mode. Hence, as soon as I left the skin track to make my own trail, the skis came off. They skied well downhill for a while, but then the toe became loose and I was periodically having to adjust the plate under the toe to keep them snug. The binding concept is good, but the quality seems really suspect and I need to return them because they are useless for uphill without being able to lock in uphill mode.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-25
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Brake fell off 3 miles in I bought this last year excited about its capabilities. I love Salomon as a company but the fact that my brake fell off 3 miles in and I had to hike back a mile to get it, I found it unacceptable for the binding. Not to mention this was only the second time I got to use them. I was considering getting another pair; however after this experience I won’t be buying another pair of shifts or even Salomon bindings. I love what they stand for, but I need a binding that performs and doesn’t brake. Luckily I was able to ski down still because of the shift mechanism but there was about 1 cm of vertical play in the heel piece without the brake. All the best to Salomon but I would choose the marker kingpin or alpinist
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-24
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Do not use for ski touring! The shift bindings ruined my whole ski trip in Switzerland. On the first day, the front lever does not lock on both skis and the brake piece falls off one ski. I missed lots of ski days and after replacing the bindings by my shop, the brake piece fails again. In total, i have spent 500€ on a binding I cant use for serious ski touring, 6 days of ski rental (300€ for bad skis), driving 2h to my shop and missing another ski trip. I will never buy something from Salomon, Atomic or Armada again.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-18
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Lightest, best ever Lightest best binding ever, had to put on all my skis regardless of going back country or not.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-15
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Amazing! I have spent a few sessions in the park putting these bindings to the test. They can take a beating! They perform flawlessly doing laps on steep powder runs, and have blown my mind with the simplicity of day-long tours in the mountains. If you only have one kit to ski, these bindings are IDEAL! They are simply amazing.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-04
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Toe piece failed on the first skin out! I was wooed by these bindings the first time I saw them in the shop but now I am having second thoughts. On my very first skin these bindings failed within a hundred feet of the truck. The walk lever on one binding would not stay engaged. And yes they were pulled all the way up. The other binding worked fine so I had something to compare. The other thing that is really annoying is how tough is to lock the pins into a tech boot. There is a 5 mm gap between the pins and the AFD platform. You need the balance of a Jedi to do this smoothly and not destroy the toe piece of your boots. I’m sure my technique would improve over time but there is a lot room for improvement from the current design. I had a seasoned bc skier try it to make sure I wasn’t crazy and he struggled to lock the pins in as well. None of this matters because I have a defective binding that never worked correctly to begin with and I get to play the warranty game! Yay! Right when the snow is getting good! Yay. What I don’t understand is why the tech mounting these didn’t check the walk mode function. Should be checked before they leave the shop!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-03
    Rated 1 di 5 di da TOE PIECE MALFUNCTION 3rd day out in the backcountry and the Toe piece on one of the bindings won't stay engaged in Walk Mode. Unable to use and now have to return while I am out ANY binding while they have me return them. Have to buy another binding that works while they send me a new one. Would give 0 stars if I could.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-30
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Incredible step forward into the backcountry I bought my first pair of Shifts for the 18/19 season. I have skied these everywhere from resort to Alaska back country. I have been extremely impressed with their performance on the up and downhill. They are an excellent compromise for the back country. Light enough to climb, sturdy enough to drive a big line. Only adjustment I would make for future iterations would be adding an additional climber setting, and if you could find a way to bring the price down I am sure no one would be upset. Outstanding binding for backcountry and resort.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-29
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Torn MCL via Shifts Breaking constantly— too many moving parts, snow gets stuck everywhere, many long hours fixing them in the backcountry screaming. Thanks for working maybe twice and tearing my MCL.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-16
    Rated 1 di 5 di da BEWARE I bought these bindings straight from the Salomon website. The second run I took on these bindings, the top of the toe piece fell off. I tried to get them warrantied at a local shop here in Utah but unfortunately there's an extremely long warranty process. I am out $700 and a binding for the next 2 months! That is half the ski season. Super upsetting and after doing more research this is a very typical problem. Please caution against buying these for your set up, not worth the hassle.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-01
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Major issues but, great when / if they work Major issues with the binding: Poor designed toe piece. really only two screws (and 1 pin) holding the toe piece in while in walk mode. I pulled the toe piece out of BOTH pairs of Salomon skis they were mounted in. Brakes continue to pop down when in tour mode. Makes the binding un useable. Really wish there was more than 1 climbing heal but, works ok most of the time Really an awesome binding that. This happened after two months of use. skis and tours well when it works but a couple of major flaws that need to be considered before this is "the best binding ever".
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-16
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Next year... I have had these for a full season and have used them everyday both touring and skiing snowbird here in Utah. These are hands down my favorite binding! I am a big mountain skier and have found these to be very trustworthy and secure when dropping big cliffs and skiing at high speed. My one complaint is the brakes... i haven’t found them to work well, especially in fresh snow. I have had my ski fly down the mountain more than once. In addition they do occasionally in gage when touring up if you bump your skis together :( next year if the brakes work a little better and stay up when touring.. they will officially be the best hybrid binding ever!! thanks :)
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-05-17
    Rated 5 di 5 di da The Pinnacle of Ski Bindings After skiing the Shift for multiple years, I am still constantly amazed by the engineering. A lot of people say it's "like" a tech binding uphill and "like" an alpine binding downhill. But really, it IS a tech binding for the uphill and it IS a full alpine binding for the downhill. There is no compromise on either side. I ski the Shift for big tours, at the ski area, and everything in between. When I go on a big trip, it's also great to be able to bring a pair of skis with just the Shift, knowing that I'm ready for whatever I get into.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-05-15
    Rated 5 di 5 di da The Best Ever A binding that truly can go anywhere and do anything. It skis on-piste and off-piste at the ski are like a normal alpine binding, but tours uphill and in the backcountry like a tech binding. It transforms every pair of skis you own into a backcountry set up instantly. I've trusted it on big drops and hard charging, use it for backcountry ski tours and it's my daily driver at the resort. It's a revolution in bindings and no other option out there even compares to the Shift.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-05-11
    Rated 5 di 5 di da absolute game changer This binding is a dream come true, it is the binding that I can arrive at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and charge inbounds for a few hours. I mean recklessly fast, out of control ripping. I great downhill binding with a good powerful feel. Then I can pull out my skins and go and backcountry ski for the afternoon, with the freedom of the pin system, for ease of walking up.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-05-11
    Rated 2 di 5 di da Broken! I bought these bindings for this year and skied them roughly 50 days (at resorts + backcountry). I didn't have any complaints and found these bindings awesome for sending it hard around the resort. However, today I was skinning up a ridge and when I brought my stepped forward the binding completely broke. I didn't hit it on anything, was literally just walking! I'm pretty upset because these bindings are new this year. I don't think it was the mounting job because I've been skiing these on this mount for the whole season.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-04-10
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Brakes deploy in walk mode. Every. Single. Time. Any technical skin track where you might bump the bindings, and down they spring into the snow to be a major annoyance. If any snow gets under the brake plate, same thing. Huge design flaw.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-04-04
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Promising idea but a few issues I skied my Shifts primarily in the resort this year and was generally pleased with the how they performed. However, I have two primary concerns with the binding before I every toured with it. First is that the toe piece is really rough on boots. I had brand new Head boots this year and the toe piece is really chewed up from these bindings. I have friends who have the same experience. My second issue is the brakes. Clearly they are designed to be lightweight, but I constantly have an issue where they get hung up on the ski, despite having plenty of room (110mm brakes on 105 skis). I'm constantly bending them out and cranked the DIN up a bit since I don't trust that they will deploy if the ski comes off. In tour mode, I feel the step in is a bit tricky, and it can be hard to get the binding to lock in but once it was in I was pretty happy with the performance for some light touring. Haven't done a big day on them however. Finally, I do have concerns about the quality of the binding. I went the Hokkaido this year with some friends and my buddy's Shift bindings cracked in the front on the one of side pieces. You could clearly see the metal had cracked and the binding would no longer close in ski mode so he had to rent skis for the rest of the trip. We weren't sure when it happened and hadn't even skied anything that would even come close to pushing the limits of a mid-range binding. Possibly a defect but disconcerting for sure. All in all, I'm somewhat happy with the binding realizing that it is a compromise between and tour and resort, but hope to see continued improvements.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-28
    Rated 1 di 5 di da The brakes fall off going uphill I bought my first pair of these back in November '19 for the start of the season here in Washington. I used them at the resort and absolutely loved the downhill performance. I was stoked, thinking I had just found the holy grail of downhill performing touring bindings. And while this may be true, it all starts going downhill on the up. Every single time I put these things in touring mode and started going uphill, the brake piece would disconnect from the heel, and fall off the ski. No matter, I thought. I probably just got a defective pair. I sent the bindings back to Salomon and waited two months while they decided whether they would honor the warranty. I finally got the call that they would, picked up a new pair and what do you know? They have the exact same problem. I tried the new pair on two separate tours. One brake piece fell off on the first tour and I had to walk back down the mountain to find it. I tried them again the next day after re-assembling the heel and BOTH brake pieces came off. I really do love the idea of the shift bindings, but the reality is that they still leave much to be desired. I would never trust these on a committing tour, or anywhere where I need to rely on the durability of my setup.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-26
    Rated 2 di 5 di da Unreliable Works great as a resort binding, but take it touring and you’ll have nothing but problems. Heal piece continuously comes out of uphill mode, and entire brake/heal piece fell out and got lost. Toe piece inconsistent as well.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-23
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Solid binding for backcountry and resort I bought these bindings about a month ago. I have taken the backcountry and in resort. They are perfect for the backcountry and very solid skiing high speed icy groomers in resort.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-23
    Rated 1 di 5 di da Unreliable uphill performance I bought these shift bindings at the beginning of the year with new skis and boots. They have never worked from day one. The toe pre-release even in lockout mode. The shop sent me back on the mountain to try to pin down the problem. I was lucky to get off the mountain due to the pre-lease issues getting to the point that the lockout lever would not stay up period. I would not use these bindings. My entire package of $1800 and the ski season is lost due to 4 going on 5 weeks of waiting to have the bindings waranteed and replaced. Help!!!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-14
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Dinamico e preciso Ho comprato questo prodotto all'inizio dell'inverno... Lo ho utilizzato per tutta la stagione, sia per giornate di puro freeride, sia per skitouring. L'attacco si presta bene a tutti gli utilizzi a cui è dedicato. Non è necessariamente performante in salita, è un pò pesante rispetto ad altri prodotti sul mercato, ma d'altronde lo shift non è un attacco pensato esclusivamente per salire. In discesa da il suo meglio, è sicuro e estremamente preciso e ha la possibilità di essere regolato come un attacco per gare di sci alpino. Unica pecca è il fatto che, durante salite in neve fresca, la neve tende ad accumularsi sotto la talloniera dell'attacco posteriore, e in questo modo a lungo andare tende a sbloccare lo ski stopper che ti rallenta nella salita. Questo è secondo me l'unico vero difetto a cui provvedere! Grande attacco, consigliatissimo per chi ama scendere a tutta senza lesinare sulla sicurezza!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-03-13
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