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Unisex - Gilet da running unisex con flask inclusi
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Perfetto per i runner di endurance più esigenti, l'ADV SKIN 12 offre una maggiore personalizzazione a livello di fit e funzionalità. La tecnologia SensiFit™ e il sistema di chiusura, entrambi rivisitati, lo rendono ancora più confortevole adattandolo alla forma del tuo corpo, e il volume di 12 l offre spazio a sufficienza per le gare di endurance più lunghe.

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    Valutazioni (53reviews)

    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great for trail running This pack has a large amount of room for storage and even an extra back space you could easily fit a 3.0L hydration pack in the back. The first activity I used it for was mountain biking. The second was for long trail runs. It’s as light as it can be for carrying water. It secures tightly and doesn’t support in your shoulders. The straps across the chest secure below and above my boobs and the cross straps restart an angle song them. This seems to help with being secure but not feeling like the straps will cut into your flex or burn from bouncing. I get acid reflux every time I run, so having a sip of water during a run longer than 4 miles is quite necessary.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-03-18
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Molto comodo Ho comprato quest’articolo per fare le ultra...sarà sicuramente un equipaggio di cui ne andrò fiero...piccolo e si adatta perfettamente al tuo corpo.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-03-01
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Love it! I have always used a pack, but just started trail running and tried my first vest. It’s a game changer! It felt light and fit perfectly. I was able to have enough water for a 12 mile hike, store my bars and jacket/gloves without it feeling bulky.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-28
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Awesome Fit, Feel and Quality! I’ve been using Salomon packs for the last 6 years. Recently bought the ADV Skin 12 for more storage for longer self supported runs and love the fit and feel. Huge pockets for nutrition and enough room for a large phone. Material feels really durable but breathable. Can’t wait to put many miles into this vest.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-19
    Rated 3 di 5 di da Not So Good As Previous Version Firstly, the new taller, slimmer soft flasks are both a much better fit, and easier to get in and out. I however much preferred the previous arrangement of the other front pockets. The open stretch pocket and the zipped pocket used to be separate, one behind the other. Now these pockets sit one in front of the other, resulting in the contents getting in the way of each other and more difficult to find. I also prefer the old elastic clipping system. The new elastic is so thin that it doesnt seem to have enough strength to hold the pack in completely in place and completely eliminate bounce. Appreciate this pack has many positive reviews, but for me it takes a step back in a couple of important areas.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-11
    Rated 3 di 5 di da First Impressions Was looking to update to a new vest because my previous one would cause my shirt to bundle up in the back, which had me constantly having to pull my shirt down. Didn't mind at first, but started to annoy me, even after adjusting it. Looked at this vest because of it's great reviews on storage and feel, which I look for in a vest. After trying it on, the feel is awesome! Storage is great, which is really nice for the distances I go (50k-100). Everything else is great, except for one detail that's a annoyance and was a "yes" or "no" decision on this vest, which is getting the bottles in and out. When trying to get the bottle in without it on, had to put halfway in and then shake the rest of the way. When I put it in again, but with the vest on, it was slightly easier because I used the saloman bottle with the hard bottom and was full. Became more difficult when the bottle had 1/4 drank. Feel saloman didn't give a lot of attention to bottle friendly use and should've made the opening slightly larger than the bottle or made them adjustable, like the ultimate direction vests. Overall, storage, feel, and looks are great. But, ease of bottle insertion is the only Achilles heel with it. If this wasn't a issue, I would have given it a five star rating.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-02-07
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Insulated water bottles? Really like my 8L adv skin vest but wanted larger one. Only concern is winter running, wo bladder if possible. Is there an option/suggestion for insulated water bottles that will fit in the small pockets?
    Data di pubblicazione: 2021-01-24
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Amazing Running Vest I had been eyeing up purchasing a vest for some time, as I've began to run longer and longer distances where it would be beneficial to carry water, food and other supplies. I decided to try this vest and so far I have been very impressed - it fits perfectly and does not move around while I am running. Features are awesome. It's loaded with pockets, has lots of storage space and the water flasks work great. No complaints!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-29
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best Trail Running Pack I've Ever Had This pack fits like a glove! At first I wasn't sure about the front hydration system and have always kept bladders in the back of my pack but this was an amazing eye opener. I'm totally down to carry water in the front or the back. I didn't expect it to be nearly as comfortable as it is. My last pack had issues with snagging and pulling my braid apart with all the zippers and clips. This one is so perfect for anyone with long hair because of it's sleek design. I'd definitely recommend especially for ultras because it has plenty of space. I really hope Salomon keeps this pack around for a LONG time.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-17
    Rated 3 di 5 di da Great pack but HOT back! I’ve been using this pack for long runs/races for about 9 months. It’s great for storage and fit. But it is EXTREMELY hot on the back. Almost unbearable to wear in the Texas summer. Even in the winter the back gets warm, but it’s really bad in the summer. I ended up buying a Sense 2 just to have a cooler and lighter alternative.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-15
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best Vests Ever I have had this particular vest for about a year now--as all the Salomon vests do (I own 3 different types) the fit is amazing. I do mostly trail running/ultras and this vest especially this year with doing virtuals and such, It holds everything I need and still fits like a glove. Other vests from other companies that I have tried moved and just didnt have a fit that makes you feel like your not wearing one.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-12-09
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best mountain gear I've ever owned I've done several trips with this. The youtube channel Extra Amateur did a review of this product and I bought it because of that. It was spot on. Go check it out.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-16
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Would buy again and again !! Bought this in the spring as my first ever running vest, prior to which I just used a small backpack with a bladder for longer runs. I'm never going back to running with a backpack again. I've found this vest to have little to no bounce, stretches where it needs to, keeps to my body the whole time (whether full or empty), and has no hot spots or rubbing points. When empty, the back pocket cinches down nicely, and even if I only have a few items in the back pocket I don't notice any bouncing around back there. I considered getting the 5L, but after running with this and seeing how it all cinches, if you can only afford one pack then the 12L is a no brainer. Given the stretchy (yet not floppy) material, I'm easily able to carry all the things for a longer trail run with some room to spare: 1.5L bladder, both flasks, phone, headlamp, two packs of gummies, three energy bars, chapstick, sunscreen, first aid kit, rain/wind jacket, hat, and gloves. Perhaps I've been a touch delicate with the plastic buckles in anticipation of them being weak, as mentioned in some other reviews, but thus far I've had zero issues. I recommend this vest to all my running friends still using small backpacks for their trail runs. Would definitely buy again with zero hesitation. For reference: I'm about 6ft tall, 165lbs, broad-ish shoulders, wear a size medium in most clothes, and bought a medium vest.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-13
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Extremely versatile! In my opinion this is a perfect running vest. Wether it’s loaded up for a long adventure or only carrying the minimum, this vest is very comfortable. There seems to be a pocket or place to stash everything I like to carry with me. I’m very happy with my purchase.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-12
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great features! Great product! Really made a difference in my runs!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-11-10
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best equipment I've ever owned [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This may be the best piece of equipment of any type, for any activity, I've ever owned. I wear it on all my long runs including a recent 50 mile ultra, and it's so comfortable I barely notice it. Tons of pockets all over the place, most of which are accessible without removing the vest. Hydration flasks are great. The combination of lightweight flexibility and strength is amazing. A couple of minor quibbles: First, it's pretty complicated with lots of customization options. I found some good YouTube videos to help me, but an official guide to some of the features would have been nice. Second, the clasp for the hydration bladder at the top (bladder itself not included, btw) tends to loosen over the course of a long run. But overall, a fantastic product, and well worth the significant investment if you frequently run or hike for several hours.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-22
    Rated 5 di 5 di da My go to vest This is my second 12 set vest and I have loved it. The pockets up front are perfect in every way and I feel like you could easily fit 20 liters of gear in the pack. The one and only complaint I have is that I do not like the way the straw is touted for the bladder. I like to have multiple bladders that I have at my car that I can swap out then go back out. With the current method it makes it harder to remove the bladder and swap it out. Over the shoulder with any method of restricting tubes movement would be perfect. The current way keeps the tube out of the way so it doesn’t chafe my neck so it’s a compromise for me that is worth the frustration.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-22
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best thing I can say about it, I forgot about it! I am very impressed. I have been running since 2015 but these have all been sanctioned events and as a minimalist runner I have been able to get by on a belt with just enough water and fuel to get from station to station. I purchased the vest for a Grand Canyon Run where I knew I would need to carry my own fuel for the entire trip as well as water in case any of the water stops were out that day. I was not disappointed in this vest. When I needed it, it was there, when I didn't, it was so light and such a great fit I forgot I even had it on. I will always say the best thing I can say about a great piece of running gear is when it fits and functions so well that you quit thinking about it or noticing it and can just run. This vest passes that test. Ample storage (I didn't use all available), great fit, and I added the sheath for the poles just for a quicker grab and stowing of the poles when I wanted them.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-14
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Very comfortable Best vest on the market. Very comfortable. No chaffing and feels like you’re “wearing nothing at all”* Ned Flanders voice.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-12
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Everything I Need! Asked for a hydration vest as a birthday gift last month - went into the store and tried a bunch of different ones on. The ADV SKIN 12 checked every box. It fits really well with lots of room for adjustments. The two front bladders that it comes with are easy to use with no straws in the way. In my last race I filled one with water and one with a electrolyte mix. There is room for a bladder in the back as well as storage for extra socks/clothing. Space in the front for snacks, a phone, money, bear spray/mace. There is even a small whistle built in! I feel empowered as a female runner to hit the trails for long distances with everything I need.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-06
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Good pack I like the pack but my only problem is the water bottle on the right side doesn’t stay connected to the strap that holds the water bottle up and falls down into the pack. Other than that it’s a good pack.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-10-05
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Light, Comfortable, TONS of space! Took this on its maiden voyage doing the Presi Traverse in New Hampshire! The adv skin was a game-changer for me, having made the switch from an Ultimate Direction vest. It held tight to my body and felt comfortable for the entire 24 miles, even while I was sweating buckets towards the end. There was also tons of storage, and plenty of ways to synch it down as I went through my food/water & layered up. I will never buy another brand again, Salomon has it figured out. Can't wait to try out their S-Lab styles in the future.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-25
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Love the zipper pockets in the front Replaced my old vest & love all the room in main back pouch & zipper pockets in the front!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-24
    Rated 5 di 5 di da My favorite pack! I love this back! I have had about 8 different packs, and have never been truly satisfied with my pack until I settled on this one. It has so much room to all my stuff for when I’m out on longer 20+ mile self supported adventure runs, but light enough, that you don’t notice it when you use it for shorter runs. I constantly recommend this pack. In fact just yesterday a running friend asked my advice on a pack and this is the pack I suggested.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-17
    Rated 4 di 5 di da Size up! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I normally wear a medium in most things but based off the chest size figures that were listed I should fit a small which is what I ordered. It ended up being way too small so I returned so I could size up but unfortunately the item is no longer in stock :/ stick with whatever size you normally wear for a backpack (s/m/l)
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-16
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Best Running Vest This is my second one. One of the best running vest in the market. Plenty of storage for all the necessary kit for long runs and mandatory kit in races. During winter I even fit it with a down jacket and a spare tee for when the run is over. Everything sits properly without bouncing and the new strap system is very easy to unstrap and strap again. Many pockets accessible without taking it off, make it perfect during races. Several ways to attach your poles is also one of the great features! The only downside is if you have it almost empty in the back pocket, it will bounce a bit, you still have some elastic bands to adjust it but I would go for the 5L version instead.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-09-01
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great vest, runs small I’ve been running with the Sense Ultra 5L (xs) for the past year and love it, but wanted more carrying capacity for longer days.The Adv Skin pack is amazingly designed, with every detail thought through. I found it to run one size smaller than the Sense Ultra. Maybe because it doesn’t have as much stretch, but I found (on the xs) that the front pockets fit too far out to the sides, so that I couldn’t carry both soft flasks and a bear spray without interfering with my arm swing. The side (top entrance) pockets were also a little too far to the back for easy access on the go. I traded it out for a size small, which now puts the front pockets on the front of my body, and I can fit the bear spray easily beside one of the flasks. Side pockets can be accessed more quickly with one hand. This might not be an issue if you plan to use a bladder or don’t carry bear spray, but it took me some trial and error over several weeks to get the fit right. I’m really happy with the fit of the small. For reference, 5’11” 130lb 34a, size small in Adv Skin 12, size xs in Sense Ultra.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-23
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Great running pack I have this pack now for 2 months and I would not consider buying, over even considering, any other packs. Lightwight, plenty of space and easily accessible. Best of all is the fit. You don't even notice you're wearing it. I was sceptical buying one, but I am so glad I did.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-16
    Rated 5 di 5 di da Everything I hoped it would be [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I used this vest on a self-supported marathon through NYC during quarantine back in March. It was mission critical, as there was virtually nothing open in NYC back then, so getting a drink was nearly impossible unless I had it with me. The vest worked absolutely seamlessly. It felt comfortable the entire time. I've used it since under less stressful conditions and still love it.
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-08-07
    Rated 5 di 5 di da The pack that is perfect for everything! This pack is so perfect for long mountain days or short commutes. I love the adjusting system especially as a female and the way it hugs you close so that if you are carrying a lot or nothing at all it doesn't move. Absolutely love this pack, it is a life-long friend!
    Data di pubblicazione: 2020-07-29
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