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After a successful collaboration in the 2019-2020 season led to a second Vasaloppet victory for Lina Korsgren, Salomon will expand its partnership with Team Ramudden, the top women’s team at the Visma Ski Classic. For the upcoming season, long distance rising stars Ida Dahl and Jenny Larsson will join Korsgren on Salomon skis, boots and bindings.

Team Ramudden has youth and experience

The two young Swedish skiers, who finished 1st and 2nd in the Visma Ski Classics Youth Ranking, are already looking forward to next season.

“I'm satisfied with my stability of being top-10, even though I wish a had some more peaks this season. I'm saving it for the next season,” said Larsson.

Dahl said that her goal for last season was to win the pink bib.

“I never thought I was going to have such good results,” she said. “My goal was to be a stable top-10 skier so I performed way over my own expectations.”

Korsgren, the two-time Vasaloppet winner, wants to help her teammates reach the top.

“I hope I can share and inspire my experiences to the younger women on the team,” she said. “They are wise and motivated, but sometimes it can be good to give them guidance in specific situations.”

“I have been a Salomon skier for fifteen years,” Korsgren added. “Me and the brand have grown together over the years and it has been a learning and fun journey to be part of!”

Gustaf Korsgren (Team Ramudden manager and Lina’s husband) has been working with Salomon for a number of years as well.

“Over the last years Salomon has grown from being one of the brand’s in the crowd of ski suppliers to one of the most wanted and biggest in the circuit. Still, it’s the same old good relationship!” Gustaf said. “Now, when I have the opportunity to help three athletes on the same brand of equipment, that means I really can sharpen the edge, and give the women a possible advantage with the skis. In a team perspective we also can spread our chances when the weather is tumbling.”

Lina Korsgen (Green bib) and Ida Dahl (Pink bib) at Vasaloppet © Nordic Focus
Gustaf Korsgren preparing skis for Team Ramudden

The “WOW factor” came from the boots

Dahl and Larsson spent a great deal of time testing their new equipment at the end of the season and said the Salomon ski boots were eye-opening.

“The biggest ‘wow’ factor was definitely the boots!” Larsson. “I've never felt that stable in boots before. Suddenly, I never hesitate before a tough downhill anymore."

Ida Dahl rollerskiing with S/LAB Carbon Classic boots

A stronger partnership

“I am convinced that our ‘new’ collaboration is going to strengthen the whole team and especially us girls,” Lina said. “It's fun to also feel like a team on the material as well. I hope that in addition to the individual achievements we hope for, we also can inspire movement, especially women for cross country skiing.”

Setting the bar higher for next season

Lina Korsgren says the goal is to get the hat trick in Mora this coming season. “My performance goals are a third victory in Vasaloppet,” she said. “My goals with the team are that we should continue to have fun together and develop as a team!”

The two rookies are excited to continue on their path toward success.

“My main goal is to reach the podium in Visma Ski Classics and after the final race in Levi, Finland, collect the pink bib,” said Larsson. “But I also want to keep pushing my own limits and develop my double poling further. In the future, I see myself finishing as the first woman in Mora after 90 k. That would be a real dream come true!”

Of course, my goal for next year is to win the pink bib again and also to end up top-5 in the champion (yellow) jersey.” concluded  Ida.

Lina Korsgren © Visma Ski Classics Jenny Larsson © Visma Ski Classics Ida Dahl © Visma Ski Classics