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Norvège, 29 years old

"I grew up in a little village called Jølster, which pretty much consists of a lake surrounded by mountains. Right behind our house, we had a steep 1000hm climb. I've never liked to sit still, and if I wasn't playing soccer, I would be outside skiing, hiking, running, or something like that. I decided early to do everything I could to become a good soccer player, and I was running a lot in the mountains, trails or on the road to have a better capacity on the soccer field, but also enjoyed the freedom of running and being in the beautiful mountains. I competed in a local uphill race when I was 12 years old, and a local 10k road race when I was 14, but never considered myself as a runner until 2014/2015. In 2014 I did a few more races to challenge myself, and won some of them. I wanted to run more, but as we had soccer practice every day and matches in the weekend, there wasn´t enough time. After I qualified for the national team in the national XC champs that autumn, I had to make a choice between running and soccer, and since then I´ve mainly been a runner."

Quote: "The best view comes after the hardest climb."


Rank Epreuve / Défi / Projet personnel Date text
4th Golden Trail World Series 2019
1st Zegama 2019
3rd Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019