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Italie, 23 years old

A real rocket on trails and skis, a great Pizzaiolo who loves cheese and lives in th middle of a national park - The young Italian Davide Magnini is a (rock)star that has already risen...

"I was born in Vermiglio, close to Adamello-Presanella park. I grew up in a family of workers, from my grandfather I learned how to harvest hay and from my dad how to sell sport products in his shop.
Following my dad’s footsteps, I started with cross-country skiing, then Nordic combined and finally I dedicated myself to ski mountaineering.
In summers, I always went to the mountains to climb and do some mountaineering. With around 13-14 years, I started running and did some vertical races, managing to defend myself quite well.
Quite soon I joined the national skimo team and obtained some podiums in international competitions. This probably is why I decided to compete more regularly in the crazy and fantastic ambiance of mountain running."

Quote: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” ― Albert Einstein


Rank Epreuve / Défi / Projet personnel Date text
2nd Golden Trail World Series Vice-Champion 2019
2nd Annapurna Trail Marathon (GTWS Final 2019) 2019
1st Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019
1st Dolomyth's Run 2019
10th Sierre-Zinal 2019
4th Dolomites Skyrace 2018
1st Limone Extreme 2018
7th Sierre-Zinal 2018
2nd Dolomites Skyrace 2017