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Freeride & touring

Épisode | 4min
Four top freeskiers and a World Champion drone pilot are dropped at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing in BC.
Fall Winter 19/20 Ski Season Trailer
Fall Winter 19/20 Ski Season Trailer
Épisode | 2min
It's time to kick off another winter season of Salomon TV.
Dream Trip Georgia
Dream Trip Georgia
Épisode | 9min
Our lucky winner 'Z-Bo' chooses a journey to Georgia !
Bon Appétit: Greenland
Bon Appétit: Greenland
Épisode | 15min
The Bon Appetit crew in Greenland for its 3rd "Monstre Episode" !
Higher Truths
Higher Truths
Épisode | 11min
In the age of modern comfort and convenience, why do we choose to suffer?

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My Ski Story: Chris Rubens
We had a simple idea: Ask our freeski team members for their favorite ski story. The only limitation was that they had to tell it quickly. To our surprise, every story was very different from the next. These are the stories they shared. We hope their best memories get you excited for winter.
A Chat with Salomon Freeski Athletes
Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and Greg Hill paid a recent visit to Salomon’s Annecy Design Center (ADC) to work with product developers on the ski equipment of the future. While they were here, we sat down for a discussion about testing prototypes, which QST skis they prefer, and answered questions from our live viewers about backcountry safety and more. Watch the interview below.
Skiing in Japan: Everything that Everyone ever says it is
Every turn produced a face shot, enveloping my entire body in wave after wave of white. I felt the resistance of the snow against my chest in the middle of the turn as much as against my skis. The snow split into particles, allowing me to go deeper as I dug my edges in, before finally, reluctantly releasing the turn, only to bounce into the next.

N QST 106

La nouvelle référence du freeride repousse les limites de la performance en pente raide.

Grâce à une nouvelle couche de C/FX carbon powered qui court sur toute la longueur du ski, notre construction boostée passe au niveau supérieur pour décupler la puissance et l’accroche.
Gagnez en stabilité et boostez votre confiance grâce à l’intégration de notre technologie exclusive Cork Damplifier au niveau de la spatule et du talon.
Avec sa forme entièrement nouvelle, le QST 106 offre une amorce de virage plus douce, une meilleure portance et des changements de carre plus aisés. La nouvelle génération qui va dominer le freeride est équipée en QST.
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