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Racing & Piste



The Backstory of Salomon’s New On-Piste Ski Range
A Q&A about how and why the Blast range of ski products came to life.
Alpine Racing Season Preview
Salomon’s longtime head of Alpine Racing offers a preview of the Salomon team as the 2017-2018 World Cup season gets underway.
Prepping my Race Skis
Victor Muffat-Jeandet explains what goes into preparing his skis for the World Cup racing season.
Art Of Turn 2
Art Of Turn 2
Épisode | 2min
This is Victor Muffat-Jeandet doing what he does best.
Skier vs Drone
Skier vs Drone
Épisode | 4min
Victor Muffat-Jeandet faces off against Drone pilot Jordan Temkin, in a dual GS race !
The Art Of The Turn
The Art Of The Turn
Épisode | 4min
We bring 3 generations of ski racers together to reveal the sensation of the perfect turn.

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