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By Chris Rubens and Greg Hill, Salomon Freeski Athletes

We have had an awesome summer of “Training”. This is one of the first summers either of us can recall when we had a lot of time and energy to devote to staying in shape and working towards some goals. We did a couple of big alpine climbs this summer that required us to not be only in great climbing shape, but also have a good solid cardio and endurance base. Before the winter arrives, we are planning a couple more adventures and we’re convinced this type of training will let us hit the slopes running. Watch the video to see what we call “training”.

Training tips from Chris Rubens and Greg Hill for getting yourself ready ski season.

  • 1. Make it fun. 
  • 2. Have a partner that likes to push it but doesn’t take his or her self too seriously. 
  • 3. Find a partner that has different strengths than you. That way they help you strengthen were you are weak and vice versa. 
  • 4. Have goals. No matter how big or small, it is really important to have something that you are working towards. Maybe it’s running 10 km in under an hour, or a skiing a certain line that will require climbing-level fitness. 
  • 5. Buy a Salomon running kit. You’ll feel fast on the trail even though you are not.