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2025 objectives

Be ranked among the top 25% of companies in employee engagement.

Dedicate 2.5% of payroll spent in training / coaching
Ensure that 100% of suppliers meet or exceed the minimum level of our social compliance standard
Increase percentage of waste recycled/reused across operations to 70%

Life at the Annecy design center

Secure bike storage

A secured bike parking area with 136 spaces is at the disposal of the employees.


Salomon is part of a local association for the development of low-carbon means of transportation (Mouv’eco): bike lanes, bike storage, car-pooling, bus (3 lines at walking distance), train (station 5min walking).

Work council

The ADC regroups 37 sports and cultural clubs with around 900 members.

The Annecy design center

The Annecy Design Center (ADC) measures 33,500 square meters and each day hosts more than 700 people

Sports room and yoga classes

The ADC has a 110-square meter sports room where 1/3 of the employees exercise on a regular basis (before work, during lunch, or at the end of the day). A yoga room is also available and employees have the opportunity to take yoga classes with an instructor three days per week.

Organic food

Each day, more than 600 meals are served. 15 percent of the food that is prepared is organic.

Internal events

At least twice a year, Salomon organizes internal events for all the employees. The purpose of these events is to get together, have fun and share unique moments around the Salomon brand. The company Christmas Party has been a tradition since December of 2010. All employees dress up with a specific theme and the party goes deep into the night inside the ADC.


10,000 hours of training have been provided to 700 employees, and approximately 1,000 training actions have been completed.

Salomon Fondation & Maxi race

In late May 2019, more than 140 Salomon employees headed to the respective starting lines of the various races of the Salomon GORE-TEX® Maxi Race in Salomon’s hometown of Annecy, France.

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Social compliance monitoring

Salomon, through the Amer Sports Corporation, is focused on protecting human rights and improving the labour conditions and transparency within its supply chain. To ensure that our business partners and manufacturing facilities are in compliance with our standards, a Social Compliance Monitoring Program has been implemented, under which existing and new suppliers of Amer Sports brands (as well as our own manufacturing facilities) are audited.
Within the Amer Sports Social Compliance approach is a Company Code of Conduct, Ethical Policy (in 25 languages) for suppliers, and the Social Compliance Policy. The Ethical Policy is signed by suppliers.
Amer Sports’ extensive third party audit program, Amer Sports’ sourcing Office in Hong Kong, ensures that suppliers follow company standards for ethical operations, and the Corporate Social Responsibility team is trained on a social and environmental management system program (SA8000).

Key data : Social compliance audit results

Of our factories are above 75% of audit score (gold)

The company reviews and analyzes the audit findings to identify capacity-building training opportunities. Suppliers that receive “full compliance” status are presented with a trophy. Amer Sports also cooperates with various NGOs such as Better Work for the Better Factories Cambodia program and regularly attends the ILO’s Better Work workshops. In cases of an Ethical Policy violation, a poster in the factory provides an email address ([email protected]) and feedback is handled by Amer Sports Asian Sourcing Office in complete confidentiality.

Identified areas of improvment

  • Pursue the optimization of training expenses to better meet the needs of the organization and maintain the employability.
  • Publish our list of suppliers and social audits score across categories
  • Encourage all suppliers to use the Higg Index to measure sustainability impacts and drive positive change in the supply chain.

Higg index facility module

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is the apparel, footwear and home textile industry’s foremost alliance for sustainable production. In 2015, Salomon made a commitment to join the SAC and to use the Higg Index to measure progress on environmental and social impacts within the brands and their supply chains. The goal is to fully integrate these world recognized tools into our everyday business.

Manufacturers use the Higg Facility Modules to measure the social and environmental performance of their individual facilities at least once each year and the Environmental Module assessments are now being verified by SAC-approved, on-site assessors. Facility managers can compare their performance against their peers. The module’s aspirational-level questions give manufacturers clear guidance on hotspots for improvement and outline current best practice. The Facility Environment Module measures environmental management systems, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water use, wastewater/effluent, air emissions (if applicable), waste management and chemical use and management.



Apparel and Gear & Footwear

Of our apparel & gear and footwear factories are using the higg index facility module

Apparel and footwear brands like Salomon use the Higg Index Brand Module to measure and improve the environmental and social footprint of their products and operations. Salomon started to use the Brand Module in 2016 for Apparel & Gear as well as footwear. Specific action plans have elaborated to improve the score and reduce the overall impact.

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