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N QST 85
N QST 85
N QST 85

N QST 85

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Expand your playground
  • Energy and response
  • Quick and agile
  • Stability
Ref: LC5935$
QST 85 delivers fun and excitement with a woodcore and basalt reinforcement for stability and confidence, shaped into an easy- to-turn all-terrain rocker shape that's fun in every condition. Get ready to smile as you discover a new level of skiing.
Ski Practice
Skier level
Binding option / System
  • Warden MNC 13
  • Warden MNC 11
  • Total edge reinforcement
  • TPU Glossy
  • Tail Protector
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Construction & Core / Spaceframe 3.0 AMB

Spaceframe is made out of an Inverted 3D Woodcore inserted with Carbon Flax & Power Transfer Platform.

Construction & Core / Semi Sandwich

Combination of ABS sidewalls under foot and monocoque construction at the tip and tail, gives the smooth ski-to-snow contact of sandwich construction with the forgiveness and easy turning of monocoque.

Construction & Core / Woodcore

On snow stability and rebound with an extra level of foregiveness and weight savings.

Rocker / All-Terrain Rocker 2.0

With a slight tip and tail rise, All Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing. Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarentees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing. In addition to the excellent terrain absorption and intuitive turn initiation, the slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot much easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability in all conditions.

Specific features / PULSE PAD

A layer of rubber all along the edges and in critical zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.