Men's Trail Running

Built for adventure, this men’s trail running collection is packed full of our best equipment for hitting new trails, exploring nature, and experiencing everything trail running has to offer. With jackets, tops, shorts, socks, shoes, hydration gear, accessories, and more ready to tackle all weather conditions on every type of trail, you’ll be equipped to explore more and enjoy the outdoors.

    Men - Men's Wind Jacket
    Ratings 3.8 (4reviews)
    • SENSE

      Men - Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt
      Ratings (0reviews)
      • SENSE PRO 10

        Unisex - Men's Running Vest with flasks included
        Ratings 5 (1reviews)
        • SENSE 5

          Men - Men's Shorts
          Ratings (0reviews)
          • SENSE RIDE 4

            Men - Men's Trail Running Shoes
            Ratings 3.5 (13reviews)
            • BONATTI 2.5L

              Men - Men's Shell Jacket
              Ratings 4.3 (11reviews)
              • ADV SKIN 12

                Unisex - Unisex Running Vest with flasks included
                Ratings 4.7 (51reviews)
                • XA 7'' SHORT M

                  Men - Men's Shorts
                  Ratings (0reviews)
                  • XA

                    Unisex - Unisex Cap
                    Ratings 4.8 (20reviews)
                    Ratings (100 Reviews) 4.46/5

                    4.5 / 5 based on 100 Bazaarvoice reviews.

                    Hand-picked gear for every trail this year. Our men’s trail running collection brings together the best gear from this season to give you better confidence on every type of trail. Here you’ll find our best trail running shoes, jackets, tees, socks, shorts, hydration gear, packs, and more, all in one place. Whether you’re looking for shoes to keep you grounded on technical trails, lightweight running packs to keep you hydrated, or waterproof jackets that feel barely-there, look no further than our trail running collection for men. Whatever your level of experience, explore more this season, discover new trails, spend more time in nature, and be sure to experience everything trail running has to offer. This year, get geared up and ready to spend more time outside. If you prefer running on the road, be sure to check out our men’s road running collection and keep training all year round.