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What does “freeride” mean to you? Is it lift-accessed expression session laps from bell to bell, ski touring to untouched powder fields, or floating threes off natural features?

Introducing the all-new Salomon QST Collection of Skis QST Blank and QST 98 take the lead in the QST family of skis.

Over the past five years, the QST line has brought new technologies and materials to market -  skis that have changed the narration of “freeride” skiing. With the 3rd generation, we gave our athletes a blank slate and tasked them with designing the perfect “freeride” ski. Alexi Godbout weighed in on playfulness, while Stan Rey and Chris Rubens brought their ex-racer turned powder pig needs to the table. Leah Evans chimed in on floatation, Josh Daiek sounded off on power and stability, and Cody Townsend delivered on weight vs. performance. Young guns like Nico Vuignier and Ugo Troubat made sure liveliness and agility were not forgotten. 


The result? Skis for the resort lapper, ski tourer, and freestyler alike. Skis that you can count on to define what freeride means to you. Skis that will make it easy for you to say #ISkiQST.


“When we first started the QST line the goal was to make a collection of skis that were very versatile no matter what conditions we faced. We realized that we had a gap between the 118 (a powder charger) and the 106 (a ski resort slayer), so enter the Blank. A ski that can excel in any condition that you encounter, and when matched with a Shift binding, the ultimate setup. I ski QST.” – Chris Rubens


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“With the designers behind us, we created a new ski model, the Blank. It combines the playfulness of the 106 and performance of the 118, but at a 112mm waist. A ski this versatile is my everyday charger. I cannot wait for everyone to try it.” - Alexi Godbout 




Men’s QST Collection


We tasked our athletes with designing the most progressive and playful freeride powder ski on the mountain: meet the QST Blank. Pillow-popping and powder-loving, the Blank’s 112 mm waist width and progressive shape enhance the flotation and playfulness of your turns, while its combination of Double Sidewall Technology, Cork Damplifier and C/FX provides the stability you can rely on whether you’re rallying inbounds laps or touring for first tracks. Perfect binding pairings include the STH2 MNC 16 for resort ripping, S/LAB Shift MNC 13 for ultimate freeride versatility and the MTN Pure for long, powder filled days in the skin track.

•    Double Sidewall Construction
•    Cork Damplifier
•    C/FX
•    Poplar Woodcore


From chasing natural features in the morning, to slaying glades ‘til après, the QST 98 is a playful yet powerful ski. With a new, modern, twin rocker shape and versatile 98mm waist-width, the QST 98 rises to any challenge. Double sidewalls transmit power to your edges while cork Damplifier and C/FX keep things stable and predictable regardless of conditions.

•    Double Sidewall Construction
•    Cork Damplifier
•    C/FX
•    Poplar Woodcore

Fact – the athlete inspired QST Blank will blow your socks off! But our goal was to build the most versatile collection of skis for all types of skiers. Mission accomplished! From the Blank all the way down through the QST 106, QST 98 and QST 92, this collection of skis unleashes pure versatility. Right at home from the piste and terrain park to the world’s tallest peaks and deepest powder, pick the model that works for you and make some freeride magic.


Women’s QST Collection

Freeride means something different to ever skier. And that meaning is determined and defined by the skier and how they utilize their ski. From the QST Stella to the Lumen and Lux, the QST collection of women’s skis offers a versatile partner in crime no matter what type of skier you are, where you call home and what conditions you find down the fall line. Pick your partner, pair it with your style and get ready to have some fun on the slopes.

Salomon_QSST_Design_2 Salomon_QST_Blank_Topsheet Salomon_QST_Blank_Base Salomon_QST_Design Salomon_QST_Stella_Base Salomon_QST_Women Salomon_QST_Stella Salomon_QST_Construction

QST Blank Reviews

Chances are you're wondering how the QST Blank performs. Maybe even looking for reviews from people who live and ski like you do. Well, your wish is our command. We'll continue to update this page with additional reviews as they are generated.

Ski Industry Outsider™ - Dave Amirault

Watch and learn as Dave Amirault puts the QST Blank to the test at three different resorts and in every condition from groomers to powder.

Hot take - "This ski rips!"

Industry Outsider™ Tests the Salomon QST Blank Dave Amirault and GoPro show you how the QST Blank performs

Industry Outsider™ Tests the Salomon QST Blank

Ski Essentials - Jeff Neagle

Weighing in from the east coast, the Ski Essentials crew takes a deep dive into the QST Blank and how it performs in those classic east coast conditions and terrain. Hot take - "I love the way this ski pivots and smears."

Ski Essentials Reviews the Salomon QST Blank QST Blank tested by Ski Esssentials

Ski Essentials Reviews the Salomon QST Blank

Blister Gear Review

Known for their comprehensive reviews, Blister Gear Review got the chance to spend some quality time

with the QST Blank. Here's a taste of what they thought:

"The Salomon QST Blank is a smooth, stable, wider all-mountain ski that is best suited to soft conditions. It offers good flotation and blasts through chop well enough to enjoy a resort pow day from the untracked turns you might be lucky enough to find, to the tracked-up pow that you will (definitely) eventually find. It is damp enough to enjoy firmer conditions when it hasn’t snowed in a while, and it is playful and balanced enough to make the most out of big and small airs alike."

Check out the full Blister Gear Review here

Photo Credit: Blister Gear Review

SKI Magazine 

Gear editor, Jon Jay, got the chance to put the QST Blank through its paces at Silverton Mountain in Colorado.  Here's a look at what he thought:

"I was able to get an advanced preview and put the new Salomon QST Blank to the test at Silverton Mountain, Colo. During the first few days of testing, the conditions were unequivocally low-tide, which means adventure skiing at this guided-only ski area. The QST Blank’s extended camber and the ski’s double sidewall tech provided confident grip in steep, hard couloirs, and the cork damplifier and C/FX laminate kept the skis tame during high-speed descents in aprons full of funky wind-affected snow. Luckily, the conditions took a turn for the better in the following days and we got to ski 20 inches of fresh snow. I was surprised by the QST Blank’s flotation given the relatively slim waist. The ski’s dimensions straddle the line between super floaty and being able to dip the tips for faceshots, and it was only a matter of changing my stance to make the skis surf or trench. I mounted the skis 1.5 cm forward from recommended and was able to pop the tails off rollers and ledges and launch much higher than expected."

Read the full review here.

Salomon QST Blank, Stan Rey