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The Artist

Spain, 33 years old

Kilian grew up in a refuge, 2,000 meters above sea level in the Pyrenees mountains, which shaped his life. From a very early age, he developed extraordinary endurance and adaptation abilities. Humble and reserved, he is now recognized by all as the best trail runner ever, across all distances, from the Vertical Kilometer to the ultramarathon, not forgetting the marathon.

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Rank Epreuve / Défi / Projet personnel Date text
1st Golden Trail World Series Champion 2019
1st Pikes Peak Marathon 2012
1st UTMB 2011
1st Giir di Mont 2011
1st Skyrunning European Champion 2011
1st Cavalls del Vent 2012
1st Zegama 2012
1st Speedgoat 2012
1st Marathon du Mont Blanc 2012
1st Zegama 2011
1st Kima 2012
1st Grand Raid Réunion 2012
1st Dolomites Skyrace 2012
1st Ultra Running World Cup Champion 2012
1st SkyRunning World Cup Champion 2012
1st Limone Extreme 2013
1st Matterhorn Ultraks 2013
1st Western States 100 2011
1st Grand Raid Réunion 2010
1st Marathon du Mont Blanc 2013
1st UTMB 2008
1st Skyrunning World Champion 2007
1st Dolomiti Skyrace 2008
1st Giir di Mont 2008
1st Zegama 2008
1st Skyrunning and Combined World Champion 2008
1st Skyrunning European Champion 2008
1st Skyrunning World Cup Champion 2008
1st Sierre-Zinal 2009
1st Zegama 2010
1st Giir Di Mont 2009
1st UTMB 2009
1st Sky Running World Cup Champion 2010
1st K42 Argentina 2010
1st Kima 2010
1st Sierre-Zinal 2010
1st Giir Di Mont 2010
1st Dolomiti Skyrace 2013
1st Zegama 2013
1st Zegama 2019
1st Sierre-Zinal 2018
1st Hardrock 100 2017
1st Marato Ultra Pirieneu 2017
1st Glen Coe Skyline 55K 2017
1st Sierre-Zinal 2017
1st Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2017
2nd UTMB 2017
1st Skyrunning Overall World Champion 2018
1st Kima 2018
1st Hardrock 100 2016
1st Ring of Steall 2018
1st Glen Coe 2018
1st Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2018
1st Coma Pedrosa Skyrace 2018
1st Annapurna Trail Marathon (GTWS 2019 Final) 2019
1st Pikes Peak Marathon 2019
1st Sierre-Zinal 2019
1st Zegama 2016
1st Mount Marathon 2015
1st Transvulcania 2013
1st Skyrunning World Series Short distance Champion 2014
1st Triple European Champion (Sky Running, Ultra Running, Vertical Kilometre) 2013
1st Ultra Running World Cup Champion 2013
1st Sky Running World Cup Champion 2013
1st Hardrock 100 2014
1st Zegama 2014
1st The Rut 50 2014
1st Skyrunning World Series VK Champion 2014
1st Skyrunning World Series Long distance Champion 2014
1st Sierre-Zinal 2015
1st Sierre-Zinal 2014
1st Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2014
1st Kima 2014
1st Giir Di Mont 2014
1st Dolomyth's Run 2015
1st Hardrock 100 2015
1st Ultra Pirineu 2015
1st Zegama 2007