Women's Touring Snowboards

The Pillow Talk Split from Salomon is a women’s touring snowboard designed to get you deeper into the backcountry with as little hassle as possible. When the ski resort gets tracked out and you’re still hungry for untracked powder lines, it’s time to slap on your skins and head out into the alpine. The unforgettable descents might convince you to give up your ski pass for good.

    Women - Women's Touring Snowboard
    Ratings (2reviews) 4/5
    Ratings (2 Reviews) 4.5/5

    4.5 / 5 based on 2 Bazaarvoice reviews.

    Earn your turns, and oh how amazing those turns are. There’s absolutely no better feeling than floating through untracked powder on a snowboard. And because it’s so addictive we went out and designed a splitboard that will enable you to score fresh powder lines and quickly become the most treasured piece of gear in your snowboard equipment closet. The Pillow Talk Split features a powder-focused taper that is designed with effortless flotation in deep powder at the top of the priority list. The board comes with premium-quality Pomoca Custom Cut Skins that are easy on, easy off and make moving up the mountain almost as much fun as flying back down. And when you’re deep in the backcountry earning your turns you get a greater appreciation of just how amazing and precious the alpine world is, which is why we use a Ghost Green core made from sustainable, superlight paulownia wood.