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2025 objectives

Invest 1% of annual revenue to educate players

The Salomon foundation

Our purpose

Since the beginning, the Salomon brand has shared its values with those who have dedicated their lives to playing in the mountains — guides, ski instructors, ski patrollers, and others of similar professions. Often synonymous with fun moments and achievements in the sun and snow, the mountains can also be dangerous and unpredictable, surprising even the best mountain professionals. Each year, a number of professionals are victims of serious accidents that prevent them from dedicating their lives to the mountains. In other cases, they suffer such injuries that they are unable to continue their profession. It is in a spirit of reciprocity and solidarity that the Salomon Foundation was created in March of 1999, under the guidance of the Foundation de France, the Salomon family and the Salomon Society. The goal is to help mountain professionals and competitors in need.

For Salomon, supporting the Salomon Foundation is a way of affirming its solidarity with the environment and the mountain community by providing a financial assistance and moral support to the victims.

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The salomon foundation in numbers

Persons helped since 1999
1.2 M€
Distributed to families and associations

Nurture local associations

Since 1947, Salomon’s headquarters have been located in the area of Annecy, a picturesque lakeside town in the French Alps, where many of the company’s employees come from. As one of the world’s great outdoor meccas, the company has always believed in supporting the local eco-system, including local associations and events run by schools and universities. Each year, Salomon helps more than 50 non-profit organizations by donating products and financial support.

Time to play foundation

Salomon shares both a common interest and the overarching PLAY philosophy with the Time to Play Foundation in the United States. The foundation’s mission is to: “Enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life.” The foundation is not affiliated with the Salomon brand, however, we hold the common values and viewpoint.

Support industry associations

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” Using that famous quote as a guideline, Salomon actively contributes to the development of the outdoor industry as a whole. The company is involved in all three major international outdoor organizations.

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Salomon Mountain Academy

Salomon Mountain Academy is an online backcountry education for skiers and snowboarders designed to elevate safety in that environment. The goal is to help backcountry participants learn to make sound decisions, analyze terrain and explore beyond the boundaries through digital instructions.

Identified areas of improvment

  • Refine Salomon Foundation mission and make it more visible in order to collect more funds.
  • Engage all Salomon Athletes in Play-Minded projects.
  • With the players community, define and activate education programs for more responsible ways of playing outside.


Salomon has been playing in the French alps since 1947.
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